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Dentistry in Canada After

Dental Graduation From Another Country

Why Canada ?

Of all the foreign destinations that a Dental Graduate can look forward to settle as a Dentist, CANADA is perhaps the most popular one right now . The reason for this can be many but the 3 main reasons are :

The well balanced & developed society of Canada .

Dentists being the richest earners in the Country .

High paying capacity of the patients and high dental health awareness.

Dentists in Canada are among the richest group of professionals at a World level. The level of advancements in dentistry and the opportunities are immense. There are good deal of chances to do well both in the urban and the country side sector. So, all in all Canada can be your next destination, if you really want and have the resources to settle in an Abroad country as a Dentist.

So in this article ” Dentistry in Canada ” We will seeing in detail all the steps needed to migrate to Canada and settle as a dentist after completing BDS or MDS.


The NDEB Canada Conducts Licensing Exams for Dental Graduates

In this article we will see the procedures for all those dental surgeons who have a dental graduation from outside Canada but wants to settle and practice in Canada.

The diagram below illustrates the integrated pathways to certification as a dentist in Canada

After Certification you will need to Apply for Licensure 

We will give an overview of all the basic steps for your initial information.

After going through the article, refer the official links and then plan up your course of action.

N.B. This article is just for the purpose of your reference and does not intend to replace the official links. In all your planning always refer the Canadian embassy in your country directly for any official information or change in regulations. Never trust any unsolicited 3rd party who claims to ease up or by pass any process demanding money for it. 

At the end of the article the official links from the NDEB exam board is given to give you an idea regarding the exams. Check the links for more information.

They are from the official website of NDEB Canada. Links are given where ever needed


in the last slide a complete chronology of  links in the correct sequence are given. 

So go through each slide very carefully. 

Go to next slide to know about the 1st step

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