Dentist In Canada Premium Article Details

Steps to Work as a Dentist in Canada - Premium Article Details

All the details to work as a certified dentist in Canada (with a dental qualification outside of Canada)

What makes Canada so special for dentists?

The real beauty of Canada is in its developed social structure, that provides ample opportunity to everyone from different profession and ethnicity to succeed.

From a dentist's perspective, Canada provides very good working conditions with high value for oral health treatments among the general public.

Also, dentistry is a highly regulated profession in Canada.

As a result, the number of Dentists is limited. This reduces the unnecessary competition and provides adequate working opportunities for the dentists

Hence, it is no surprise that for every dentist (anywhere in the world), who wants to settle abroad, Canada is the ultimate dream destination.

How Difficult is it for Foreign Qualified Dentists to get Certified in Canada as a Regular Dentist?

For the foreign-trained dentists, it is not easy as their dental degree is not directly valid in Canada. Hence, to be eligible for practicing professionally in Canada, a foreign qualified dentist needs to go through series of steps/exams and pass them successfully to get legally certified as a dentist to practice in Canada.

It is a long process and can get confusing sometimes. And the aim of this detailed premium article is to reduce this confusion and make the entire process easy to understand with the help of videos and flowcharts.

Points covered in this premium article are as follows

Why will you find this premium article, the easiest article on Dentistry in Canada for Foreign Dentists?

  • The article has been broken down into separate slides to make it easier for you to understand the long and complex process.
  • Throughout the article, relevant official links are given in order for reference.
  • All the steps are explained with Animated Videos and Flowcharts to explain you the long process easily.
  • At the end of the article, all the relevant official links have been provided in a sequential stepwise manner. 
  • In the last slide of the article, the entire process is again explained with the help of a video presentation.

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