[The Dentist Way to Dental Career Success]

Proper History,Diagnosis & Treatment

You diagnose, evaluate, prevent and treat diseases or conditions related to oral cavity.

Its your clinic and part of your responsibility is to


Select the cases to treat very properly & carefully.

In case you are confused about something don’t try to experiment and find a treatment.

Contact a specialist and call him/her for consultation.

Yes you will have to give part of the treatment fees to the specialist,

but you won’t be at the risk of getting a bad name for your clinic.

People Dealing

Be Calm & Deal with Patients

Deal with people of all age groups.

Man management skills is a part of the dental skills now.

Proper dealing not only calms the patient but also helps doctor in providing a proper treatment.

Proper Post Treatment Instructions

Give Proper Post Operative Instructions & Follow up 

A successful treatment greatly depends on how the patient

follows the doctors instructions post operatively.

So be sure to give the proper instructions to

the patient in a very simple manner

that he can understand & follow.

Or else there are chances that patients will be back with complains.

Well that more or less covers the Dentistry part.

Once you are done with all the Dentistry part,

Don’t stop, at this stage,

let the entrepreneur in you overtake the rest of the procedure.

To be able to manage these your thinking should have that entrepreneurial bent.

The capacity for planning and assessing the prospects of profit and loss.

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Entrepreneurial/Business Part of Dentistry 

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