(Dentist + Entrepreneur)

Yes being a Dental Surgeon is not an easy job.

You will constantly deal with dental pain & aesthetics.

There will be that constant patient expectations that you will reduce their pain & make their teeth appear more beautiful. But thats where lies the thrill & satisfaction of being a Dental Surgeon.

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There is also another aspect of being a Dentist

which in the Modern Day world is as important as your skills as a surgeon.

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And that skill is your


Simply Put the Business Acumen

This post is by Dr Arshee Hashmi, BDS

who Write blogs on dentistry through business point of view.
she wants her readers to know that dentistry is much more than just working in a clinic.
co-founder – at my husband e-commerce site (

In her words – I am Dentist by profession but have taken a slight shift from my profession during motherhood. Took a career break for sometime and got little involved with my husbands business where I had a completely different experience of working as an entrepreneur. I realised,without shifting my profession there is so much we can add to dentistry.

Let’s get in to the world of Dental Entrepreneurship

Are you planning to start your own clinic???

Do you have entrepreneur qualities in you???

If “YES” then don’t hesitate to start your own clinic.

Start it right away.

If your answer is “NO”

then here are few points to take care of and

you can move ahead with flying colors.

Both Dentistry and entrepreneurship

are very different from each other

but can be merged for there betterment.

Both the professions “Symbiosis” each other.

But want to know How???

Here is the answer for it !!!

To have a successfully working Dental clinic,

you need to think from 2 aspects –

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Dentist way.

Entrepreneur way.

Lets 1st Start with the Dentist Way in the next slide

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[The Dentist Way to Dental Career Success]

Proper History,Diagnosis & Treatment

You diagnose, evaluate, prevent and treat diseases or conditions related to oral cavity.

Its your clinic and part of your responsibility is to


Select the cases to treat very properly & carefully.

In case you are confused about something don’t try to experiment and find a treatment.

Contact a specialist and call him/her for consultation.

Yes you will have to give part of the treatment fees to the specialist,

but you won’t be at the risk of getting a bad name for your clinic.

People Dealing

Be Calm & Deal with Patients

Deal with people of all age groups.

Man management skills is a part of the dental skills now.

Proper dealing not only calms the patient but also helps doctor in providing a proper treatment.

Proper Post Treatment Instructions

Give Proper Post Operative Instructions & Follow up 

A successful treatment greatly depends on how the patient

follows the doctors instructions post operatively.

So be sure to give the proper instructions to

the patient in a very simple manner

that he can understand & follow.

Or else there are chances that patients will be back with complains.

Well that more or less covers the Dentistry part.

Once you are done with all the Dentistry part,

Don’t stop, at this stage,

let the entrepreneur in you overtake the rest of the procedure.

To be able to manage these your thinking should have that entrepreneurial bent.

The capacity for planning and assessing the prospects of profit and loss.

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Entrepreneurial/Business Part of Dentistry 

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[The Entrepreneur Step to Dental Carrer Success]

In todays modern era professional dental practice is no more

just as simples opening a set up and getting the patients.

Its different now.

There is a huge amount of competition due tremendous increase

in the number of dentists in the urban area.

So to have a successful clinical practice you need to be entrepreneurial.

Understand that as Doctor with a Professional Set Up depending on patients – You are in a Service Oriented business.

So think like an entrepreneur and adopt following points in your professional practice

  1. Ask patient/relative to fill Feedback form
  2. Take reference of friends/relatives
  3. Follow up with them
  4. Inform them regarding any offers on treatment through e-mails
  5. Invite patients friends/relatives for free consultations
  6. You can also organize small awareness programs and invite patients and there friends/relatives
  7. Come up with new ideas to improve your visibility
  8. Affiliate/Tie-up your clinic with other brands, to pull more crowd
  9. Marketing of your professional set up.

Once you get the patient to your clinic, create a bond of trust and loyalty with him/her.

Positive attitude and Positive marketing, both are equally important for scalability of your dental clinic.

Well now you know the Modern Day Mantra to be

successful as a Dentist is BE A 


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Marketing of the Dental Practice – Do it like a Smart Business man


You all must have heard In simple words – its the world of promotion and marketing and whether you like it or not much of your success as a dentist is completely dependant on the marketing that you can do. This modern era in much more different that the professional clinical practice of a decade back.