Mob savagely beats Dentist in a fatal manner

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(An in-depth analysis of the incident, its after math & the support shown by the dental fraternity)

(In this post We are not going to Publish Any Picture of the departed Doctor & his family as a token to respect their privacy in this hard time. We at not only condemn the incident but also condemn the blatant sharing of  the pictures of the departed doctor & his grieving family all over media & internet as a commodity to get shares & likes)

Representative Picture (Not of Actual Incident)

By this time you already know that this particular incident is being widely discussed in social media. Seems like all the establishments are trying to have a piece of it till the news is fresh. You some times cannot help but feel that the whole unfortunate incidence is unfortunately being used to

gain some kind of leverage – either politically or ” Media – tically “.

But in the midst of all these – news, social sharing etc … there is a sense that the actual pain of the incidence is being ignored. People are just getting desensitised to the actual incident – Just one more incident , this time involving a Dentist.

But the bottom line is that this incidence shows that “Humanity” is on a all time decline. With so much violence & agenda every thing has lost its objectivity and its all blurred.

In this post first we will look at the complete details of the Incident and then we will also look at some of the reaction by the society & dental fraternity.

The Incident

Dr. Pankaj Narang, a 40 year old dentist, practicing in Tilak Nagar Area in Delhi was dragged out of his home, infront of his family and beaten with rods by a group of guys. Dr. Narang sustained deep injuries on head as succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

The incident happened on the night of 17 th March (the night India defeated Bangaladesh) in a thrilling cricket match. The whole nation was happy & euphoric. Narang’s sister had come from Noida with her family to celebrate Holi with her brother.

Dr. Narang, his brother in law & his 11 year old son were playing cricket after India’s win and the the cricket ball went outside of their house.

Trouble began when the ball flew into the bylane and he and his son ran after it. Narang saw two youth on a bike approaching them, taking abrupt alternate right and left turns. When he raised his hand to stop the biker, it grazed the rider’s body, triggering an argument.

The argument escalated as Narang slapped the biker and seized his motorcycle and keys.

The duo escaped but returned 15 minutes later with more than a dozen people, including juveniles and women, carrying blunt objects, a police officer said.

Narang and his brother in law were dragged out of his home and brutally assaulted. He ran around the neighbourhood, apologising for his mistake and screaming for help, but collapsed as the attackers kept hitting him from behind.

A CCTV camera installed outside a local hospital captured portions of the attack while witnesses said few women kept inciting the mob to assault the dentist.

The mob left after Narang and his brother-in-law became motionless on the road.

Dr.Narang was the main focus of the vicious attack.

Eyewitnesses told police the attackers kept assaulting Narang despite his family members pleading with them to spare his life. The family knocked on the neighbours’ doors but nobody came out to help.

The family took Dr.Narang & his brother in law to Mata Chanan Devi Hospital, where the dentist could not survive his injuries around 8.30am on Thursday.

The traumatised family alleged that a group of youth came to their house in the morning after the incident and bragged that this is what happens if somebody tries to threaten them, police said.

Who are they who attacked the Doctor

Most of the accused are e-rickshaw drivers who reside in the locality (in a nearby basti) and fishmongers, also residing in a nearby slum. Joint commissioner of police (South Western) Deependra Pathak said there was no communal angle to the attack because none of the accused is a Bangladeshi national. “We have arrested five people, including 22-year-old main accused Nasir Khan, brother Amir and mother Mesar. Four boys of around 17 years were taken into custody too. Efforts are on to catch the other culprits,” he said.

Aftermath of the Incident

The aftermath of the incident consisted of sharp reaction from all the sections of the society. It reminded people of one such incident that had happened in Bangalore where a guy was lynched and beaten to death by a mob for fighting with a mob for passing whistle on to her girlfriend. The attack on Dr. Narang and his subsequent death drew sharp reaction from all over. Some reactions were from the common people who were just scared from the escalating violence in the society. There were reaction by many political factions who tried to paint the incident with religious overtone to gain political milage. Mud slinging was carried out between powerful people blaming each other for the reducing law & order and growing chaos.

Social media was abuzz with many trolls calling it a religious violence. Some factions spread the rumours that the attackers were Bangladeshi immigrants. The danger was that this could have blown in to a full scale violence affecting many other people. But the trolls we just worried about getting their respective benefit from the incident. They were not really sad about the incident. They didn’t care for Dr. Narang. They only cared for – how the situation will benefit them.

Delhi police sensing that the incident was unnecessarily & dangerously getting out of hand by the rumours of religious attack issued an official declaration on twitter ruling out any such agenda.

Monika Bhardwaj, additional deputy commissioner of police (west), asserted that out of nine persons arrested, five were Hindus and said the accused Muslims were from Uttar Pradesh and not Bangladesh. She ruled out the communal angle and appealed for calm.

She also clarified that 4 juveniles were involved in the incident

Bhardwaj’s tweet restored some order, prompting Kejriwal, who is mostly at loggerheads with the Delhi Police, to tweet in her praise.

This clarification restored order and stopped many people trying to use this sad incident for political benefits. Many journalists and news channels who were trying to give the incident a religious tone had to retract their statement.

It was so sad to see that society has become so much insensitive that – the unfortunate attack on a doctor and his subsequent demise was being used for political, financial & media benefits. Its such a sorry state that people are so anaesthetised that they don’t even feel the pain of the situation. Its the same whenever any incident happens. Really a very frustrating situation in society.

Will the Culprits Get Jailed for Murder ?Probably Not 

You would have noticed from police release that almost all of the main culprits are juvenile. They were probably not educated. Lived in poverty and perpetual frustration with little or no regard for law or any other human aspect. The only thing they probably felt was anger and the need for retribution. And retribution they got. They killed a father & husband without even thinking once (for a silly reason)and  how it will ruin so many lives.

But as the law goes these juvenile culprits will be sent to juvenile remand homes. They will be so called “corrected” to fit in the society with the learning of some skill. They will also be paid a monthly allowance for their work. But truth is – once you research you will find many stories that juvenile remand homes have become like a graduation college for the next set of criminals. 

While the family of Dr. Narang struggles through this horrible incident, the culprits might be out in open in a couple of years – may be ready with more knowledge how to commit more crimes without getting caught.

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Reactions from the Dental Community

There were widespread reaction from the dental community all over. It was one of our own fraternity member who had suffered. It was nice to see dentists from all over India showing solidarity and words of support to Dr. Narang’s family. Many dentists have come together to start a way to help out the family of Dr.Narang.

   Candle light March – Justice Demand for Dr.Narang by IDA Ludhiana 

Friends few minutes back I met the family members of Dr.Pankaj Narang and family is in shock and is not in position of… Posted by Robin Malik on Saturday, March 26, 2016

It was really heartening to see many eminent dentists making an effort to reach out to the family of Dr. Narang and also to see the entire dental community come together on this issue.

What is the take of DentalOrg.Com on this issue ?

  1. DentlOrg.Com highly condemns this incident. Its sad, its unfortunate and its cannot be justified. For a trivial issue and unmanaged anger by few individuals a young doctor, of only 40 years age, was brutally murdered by a group of people , who did not care about the result of such actions and how it will destroy one entire family with sadness & fear.
  2. It was also very sad to see many sections of media and power trying to politicise & sensationalise the issue for unscrupulous gains.
  3. It was very annoying to see many posts from Media Houses in social media sharing the photos of Dr.Narang and his grieving family (Wife and kids) in open forums. It was with the aim to get shares & likes. There was no consideration to respect the privacy of the family in such a hard time. That was very very insensitive.
  4. At the same time it was heartening to see support pouring from all quarters of society & the doctors community.
  5. It was also an efficient work by the Delhi police to stop the rumours that were being used to hijack the issue for political reasons.

We know that mere words are not going to help the family of the young doctor. They need time to adjust with the fear & horror of the incident. Dr. Narang’s son, who saw his father being lynched by the mob, will have lot of strain on his psyche. The media need to give them time to adjust.

At the same time the dental community of that area and others must think of a way to help the doctor’s family in their dental practice. Dr.Narang’s wife is herself a dentist and she will need all the help she can get from her own dental fraternity, specially from the dental fraternity of Delhi & near by locality.

Also a Request to all the Doctors

Please realise that the world is no more the same like the good old days where people were understanding. The divide between the educated & uneducated , Rich & Poor have increased a great deal. Life in 2016 has become 10 times more stressful that it was a decade ago.

And Every body has pent up Frustration & Anger in them.

 A humble request to all the Dentists – Please don’t get in to unnecessary altercations, fights or quarrels. If there are chances that you can avoid it- then please avoid it. Please understand you alone fighting with some one won’t create a change overnight. Avoid fights & quarrels with unknown people whenever you can. Be calm with your patients too.

You never know the background of the person you are fighting or quarrelling with. That’s what happened with Dr.Narang. He was right in his place to object to the rash driving of the guys on the bike. But that was a  fight he could have avoided. As the report said he slapped one of the bikers & took their keys. But he would have never imagined what horror his action would bring. He would have thought that the guys will realise their mistake and take their key latter. But what happened was beyond expectations. They came back in a mob, dragged him out of his house & kept hitting Dr.Narang with hockey sticks and iron rods on head while he was running around and pleading them to spare his life.

Sad part was no body from the locality of more than 200 people came to the rescue of Dr.Narang while his wife was crying for help. Only his family was left to witness the horror & pain.

So, our sincere request to all doctors please maintain your calm as much as possible and don’t get in to fight and arguments with unknown people/patients unless there is no other way out. There is a family waiting for you and no fight is worth more than your family. So be calm and check your anger. You never know what your anger can bring forth.

In this fast forward & trending social media era – the world will soon forget the incidence and move on to some other news. Left behind will be the family of the doctor fighting their battle. So, our sincere request to all the doctors – always be careful and clam. Think of your family before you get in to any fight or quarrel that might not yield any fruitful result.

We sincerely hope that the culprits get full sentence as per law for their heinous crime. Govt. must modify the Juvenile Law system so that no culprits in this incident can escape using the law. Our deepest respect to the departed soul of a young doctor and support to his family.