Dentist as an investor in Start Ups & Earning Benefits. Start investing in Future Companies.

Dentist – Tor = Dentist + Investor

Have you ever wondered, that you as a Dentist are not only a health care provider but an Investor.

Yes you heard it right … An Investor 

(The person who invests money & you as a dentist invest a lot of your personal money)

And being a Investor need to analyse, assess and understand how you are investing your money.

Are you investing in the right place or not ?

Are your investments giving you the results that you hoping for ?

This post is by Dr Arshee Hashmi, BDS

who Write blogs on dentistry through business point of view.
she wants her readers to know that dentistry is much more than just working in a clinic.
co-founder – at my husband e-commerce site (

In her words – I am Dentist by profession but have taken a slight shift from my profession during motherhood. Took a career break for sometime and got little involved with my husbands business where I had a completely different experience of working as an entrepreneur. I realised,without shifting my profession there is so much we can add to dentistry.

As I have previously mentioned, there is lot more we can add to dentistry, then working in a clinic. In my previous article I have discussed on the merger of dentistry with entrepreneurship(Dentistpreneur )

Here, I am discussing on the merger of,

Dentist + Investor=Dentis-Tor

Rare but Smart combination.

Having a successful dental clinic? OR

Have multiple branches of your dental clinic? OR

Planning to invest your money?

Then don’t stop your scalability at this stage.

Here, is what you can merge with your dental practice-“Investment”.


An INVESTOR is a person who allocates capital to a company, with expectation of future financial return. Basically Investors are of 2 kinds,

  • Angel investor-an individual who provides funds to startup or small companies for there growth, according to his wish and from his personal funds.
  • venture capitalist-It is normally a group of investors providing funds to companies. You can collaborate with your colleagues or friends to start the venture and can invest according to everyone’s interest.

So can a dentist be an an investor ? 

Can you as a Dentist invest your money in some

projects that can give you returns in future ? 

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Be A Dentist Investor & Earn Millions 

With growing years of working in dental field,

You already have an excellent profile of a dental practitioner,

  • Have served many patients
  • Learned new trends of dentistry
  • Attended conferences and work- shops
  • Trained juniors
  • Mastered new courses coming up in dentistry like –Laser surgery, implantology, cosmetics, Smile designing and so on
  • Instruments handling
  • Upgraded yourself to work with new materials and so on.

Along with this you must have also gone through the entrepreneur phase like-

  • Marketing
  • HR(Human Resource)
  • Finance
  • Administration and so on

With the funds, you have saved through your dentistry phases, you can now invest in startups (trending in the industry with lots of opportunities),small-scale business, already running company etc OR you can form a venture with your colleagues/friends and raise funds.

Investing in which field depends on your interest and requirement. You may go for-healthcare sector, e-commerce, Education, technology, customer services, lifestyle, manufacturing etc

Investment do come with a Risk factor but – Smart and effective investment comes with a profitable factor, also called as “Vitamin M”

To create a good investor profile you need to,

  • Search for start-up /company that interest you
  • Do a proper research of that particular company
  • Set up a goal of investment, as to how much you would like to invest
  • Discuss the interest/share/Equity you will be receiving from that company
  • Prepare a term sheet (A document which highlights all the terms and conditions of a business agreement)

And the deal is done. Once you are done with all discussions, term sheet, equity sharing etc you can go ahead and invest in that company.

So with the successful dental clinic now you are an angel investor/venture capitalist of an start up/company.


Continue your dental practice and serve your patients the best possible way, along with earning from the company, as an investor.

Sometimes its better to work smarter than harder. As an angel investor you can also collaborate your dental clinic with your company, in case they benefit each other. And if you are a member of a venture, then you can discuss with other investors of your venture and raise funds accordingly.

Don’t stop yourself from being in hardcore industry just because you are a dentist but think visa-versa, as to what all you can add to dentistry as an dental practitioner.

“Widen your horizon as an dentist, and don’t just perform Dentistry in fact live with Dentistry”.

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Yes being a Dental Surgeon is not an easy job. You will constantly deal with dental pain & aesthetics. There will be that constant patient expectations that you will reduce their pain & make their teeth appear more beautiful. But thats where lies the thrill & satisfaction of being a Dental Surgeon.