The interesting habits of Medical / Dental Students sleeping Late in night and reaching college late in the morning.

This post takes a humorous note on the late coming habit of medical and dental students. Some times the habit is due to many factors and more common in students staying in hostel. So was you also one of the late coming students ?

How ever much I try,

I end up Reaching class late 🙂

This is one universal problem for dentists & dental students from all over the world. This late coming to class syndrome is universal 😄

This in one universal problem.

The evening after college we get bust in so many things that time just flies away

(Hostel Students Coming Late Syndrome)

Hostel Days are always full of gossip. Talks on boys, girls, movies, teachers etc. All topics are covered. Censored & Uncensored 😀

The talks go on till 3 AM in the morning …

Some are busy on phone


Some unique n brilliant pieces keep studying till 3 AM

We sleep at 3 AM and wake up mostly at 9 AM .

College starts at 9 AM 

We sleep late …

We get up late …

We get ready in a hurry ….

And we reach late … 😀

One more point … This reaching late for class is most common in boys. I guess its a boy thing. Girls are usually very punctual. Here is how it happens …

We Sleep Like Puppies till morning 9 😀 (After whole night not sleeping)

Then we get ready and run for college

Even after so many years late coming students have the same reason 😀

Finally The EPIC REACTION OF TEACHER when we reach late for anatomy class 😀

You wont believe what happens next 😄

We some how reach class after all hurdles

But we can;t escape from sleep

Sleeping in Class Zzzzzz !!!

The 2nd most common activity … We sleep like ducks in class … Sleep can come anytime . It can come anytime. Sleep in morning. Sleep before noon. But the most favorite time of sleeping for all dental students is after lunch. It’s always an effort not to sleep in post lunch theory classes.

What we do in lunch time ? 😀 … See below … 

After Lunch Our Condition in Community Dentistry Theory Lecture Class … Sleeping Duck 😀

How badly we try not to sleep !!! We shake our head … We drink water … But no use 😀

We go ZZZZZZZ finally 🙂

Am sure the staff who used to take theory classes after lunch theory class must be feeling so bugged !!! 😀

What must be going in their mind when they see a student sleeping like a duck !!! 😀

Seriously, those were the silly & amazing days ! !

So, how many times you reached late

for your morning classes ?