Dental Student Faints After Getting Teeth Setting Approved In Single Attempt

Senior Psychologist Ms.Breganza Says …

We thought of asking a senior psychologist to get to the bottom of this curious case.

Famous city psychologist ” Ms. Braganza ” offers a rational explanation for this.

She says, “Students have a pre-conceived mind about pre-clinical practical.”

They know even if Boucher, Nallaswamy, Shillingburg or for that matter Pierre Fauchard ( by the way these are some of the great names in the field of dentistry) comes down to earth,

their work won’t be appreciated and they have to run, learn anger management before getting the sign.

Are You Serious ??????

We will be made to repeat !!!

For Anjali too this came as a shocker and she could not handle her emotions before suffering this unfortunate event”.

Oh, God !!!! They Approved My Teeth Setting In 1st Attempt !!!!

I can’t believe it

I am fainting !!!!

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