Dental Student Faints After Getting Teeth Setting Approved In Single Attempt

Dental Student faints in ports after getting the teeth setting approved. The surprising news of a dental student who faints after getting teeth setting approved in the first attempt !

Who is That Girl ????

And Why She Fainted ????

The girl identified as ” Anjali ” is now undergoing treatment and said to be recovering well.

When we contacted her, she asked us to share this,

“Well, I have been hearing this all the time from my seniors, batch mates and friends that nothing gets approved from the staff before approaching them 2-3 times no matter how perfect you are.

Prostho has always been terrible for me.

But this time it turned out to be a shock of my life. Believing it to be yet another futile attempt I approached sir thinking about the new movie released at the theater and he approved my work at the first go only!!

Can you believe?? I mean…it’s just …it’s the second happiest day of my life.

Well, the first one being when I came to know that Hrithik is getting divorced with Suzzane”

Interrupting the conversation the doctor advised us not to talk much with Anjali as words like ‘prostho’, ‘approve’, ‘staff ’ might precipitate an epileptic attack again and she might require more hospitalization.

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