How To Market Your Dental Practice Using Facebook – Social Media Marketing for Your Dental Practice

Tips on using social media marketing for your dental practice. Learn and the tricks and promote your dental practice in the online social media.

Tip # 5 – Be Human and connect with your Page members on a human level 

You have to understand that, once you create a Facebook page for your dental practice and people start liking it – You must be interactive with your members.

To create a good marketing for your dental clinic via Facebook page you will need to give a human touch and be responsive/interactive with your fans. Remember in Social Media you are dealing with actual people which is much more personal than reading an advertisement about your dental practice in a Magazine or News Paper. You also need to be very careful of the responses you provide on social media. You might choose to not to reply to user comments, but if you do then be tactical in your reply even if some of the comments are harsh.

Encourage comments and reply quickly

Encourage other Facebook users to respond to your posts or to post their own comments about your Dental Clinic or a topic that’s of interest to them and you.

When they do post, respond quickly – within 24 hours is best.

Failing to respond will weaken your Facebook fan’s willingness to engage with you, and they will gradually drift away.

Tip # 6 – Use Facebook Insights 

Do you know Facebook has an inbuilt insight system in your page, where you can view the statistics of your viewers? This gives a broad idea as to what type of posts your viewers like and what is their response. It also gives you an idea about the location from where you are getting the maximum interaction.

Tip # 7 – Use of Facebook Advertising For Your Dental Practice

Facebook keeps adding new features and one of the most important features that you can use right now is the ” Facebook Advertising ” 

You must have seen promoted posts in your Facebook timeline

To explain it very simply – If you have a Facebook page then you can promote posts, links, videos using Facebook ads. If you have a Facebook page for your dental practice then below each post you would have noticed ” BOOST POST ” option.

If you have a Facebook page for your dental practice then below each post you would have noticed ” BOOST POST ” option.

Using the ” BOOST POST ” option you can promote your post on Facebook. You will have complete control over your promotion:

  1. You can decide a number of people it reaches.
  2. The area/location where your promoted posts are shown. So, if your dental practice is located in Mumbai, then you can customize your promoted posts/Advertisement to be shown to the people on Facebook who are located in Mumbai and nearby your area.
  3. The payment for the ads are made by Debut/Credit cards and trust me the ads are value for money.

How to use Facebook Advertisements is a big topic in itself. We have discussed in details about how to use Facebook promotion Targeted for your dental practice in a separate article. 

For now, this article ends and we hope you have now learned the ew basic points on how to effectively use Facebook for your dental practice.

The Only Drawback of Social Media Promotion

Every system comes with an own set of Pros & Cons. The Facebook promotion also comes with its own drawbacks.

  • In the present time, when Facebook has become overcrowded it does take some time for your Facebook page members to increase by liking your page. You got to have some patience.
  • For a Dental Clinic page don’t get stressed thinking that you need to have millions of likes. You don’t need millions of likes.
  • You need enough likes and preferably the likes are members from your local community and nearby area. Because they are going to be your future clients/patients. Very rarely patients from outside country are going to visit your clinic. 

So be practical in your expectation. Remember again the goal of Facebook Page & Marketing is to reach the potential clients/patients who can access your clinic.

So, stop getting stressed over the number of fans or likes to your dental practice Facebook page.

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