Dental Practice Management – What Dentistry Teaches Us ?

Dental Practice Management - Some Great Points that Dentistry Teaches Us About Life & Success.

Dental Practice Management

What Dentistry Teaches Us ???

Top 5 Points That Dentistry Teaches Us

Hi there, welcome to this article. You the reader, the dental student, the hard working dentist – must have come across many articles analyzing dentistry, criticizing dentistry, praising dentistry. Many articles you would have read it here at

We are so much into analyzing dentistry that we have forgotten many of the finer aspects of dentistry. Have you ever thought how many things there are that dentistry teaches us! The years in dental college not only gives you a degree but teaches you many things about life.

This article will touch those points that you are missing in your day to day life.

1. Forget the Chance Vs Choice Debate

As soon as we join dentistry, we are faced this tough (though silly) question –

“have you joined dentistry by choice or chance?”

The fact is most of us have joined it as a chance.

No matter how much we try to justify it, somewhere in our heart we know the truth.

But does it mean we pursue it as a liability? ..NOPE..since we have joined it and there is no looking back, we should let this question go, smilingly.

As the saying goes ” Going with the flow ” And Keep running … then you reach your destination

2. Dentistry is By Design, Not by Default

Ever imagined why dentistry is a different affair?

Because it swears by design and drives by passion, else it would have been part of medical curriculum and dominated by medical fraternity.

But it has evolved itself into a peculiar specialty and you are here to live by it.

Passion has the power to conquer the worlds.

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3. Don’t Do Dentistry with Preconceived Mind

People out there will pump your head with all negativeness about dentistry.

No scope, no patients etc.

Although, things may not be so beautiful and tempting honestly but at the same time not it’s not justified to do it with a preconceived negative mind.

This will ultimately affect your studies and your focus towards your career.

Give your best.

You don’t know what lies ahead of you.

So keep your mind free from preconceptions.

4. Learn to Prioritise Patients

We are because of patients.

Patients are not because of us.

Have adequate sympathy and empathy for the patient.

They should not be treated as subjects and cases for passing examinations and practical.

As a student even with limited knowledge and skills, honest attempt should be made to do the best for them.

So, respect your patients and in return they will respect you.

5. Justify your Profession

You joined dentistry.

You got ‘Dr’ before your name.

You’re respected amongst your friends and families. But have you felt the essence of being a doctor?

Have you brought smiles to the lives of patients you have come across?

Have we justified dentistry?

Well, I may be too young and inexperienced to answer it positively. But what do you feel

Have you justified dentistry ! ?

Remember a career in health science and dentistry is not am easy one.

No one is kidding with this scenario and day by day its getting harder and harder


will keep getting tougher and tougher.

Many times you will be asking yourself, whats better Ethics or Practicality.

To be frank there is no such particular answer to that question.

There has to be a balance between ethics and practicality.

But one thing you can be sure of is – if you follow all the points that we mentioned above, then you will not only succeed in dentistry as a career and but be successful in your society.