How To Choose Dental Practice Management Software For Your Dental Practice

Let’s discuss the third type of dental practice management software that is getting popular.

#3. Cloud Based Online Dental Practice Management Software

We already discussed the problems associated with traditional dental practice management. To deal with the problems, dental practice management software developers have now started adopted serving the software online. This model is also known as Software as a Service (SAAS) or Application Service Provider (ASP).

In this model, the dental practice management software as a service via internet. In this model, the actual software resides on the servers of the software company and they manage it. The end user, you the dentist, will need to enter the patient related or practice-related data which are then uploaded to the servers of the dental practice management software company. These uploaded data, you can access and use anytime.


Less Worry for the Dentist: You do not need to install any software on your office computer. You also do not need to worry about updating and maintaining the software. All the storage, working, updates and maintenance of the dental practice management software are taken care by the software company. So, as an end user, the dentist is free from any worry related to the working of the practice management software.

Minimal Upfront Costs: ASP/SAAS models of dental practice management have low purchasing cost for the dentists. Most of such services also provide one month of free trial and after that, the dentist has to pay a monthly fee or a discounted yearly fees.

Flexibility for the dentist: In Type 1 & Type 2 dental practice management software, the dentist needs to invest money even before using the software for a duration to assess it properly. In the case of not liking the software, there will be contingencies for a refund. But in the case of  SAAS/ASP the dentist pays monthly. So, if you do not like the software, then you can discontinue the service. So, as a dentist, you have more flexibility. 

Greater Quality of Software: In cloud model of dental practice management software, the goal of the developing company is not just to sell you the software one time. Their goal is to sell you the software (as an online service) and then to retain you as a customer month after month by providing a greater quality of service. So, cloud-based practice management software is usually much better in quality as the company is motivated to keep the dentists happy by providing a better product.

Better After Sales Service: Since this mode of dental practice management software works on the internet, the after sales service are much easier. There is no need of any engineer visiting your clinic. You just need to send a mail query and the issue will be resolved online.

Automatic backup of your practice data: All reputed practice management companies have the system for the automatic backup of all the data as a security measure against any accidental server outrage. So, a dentist will never lose his data as there is always a copy available. If data is just stored in a computer in your practice, then in the case of a crash you will lose all your data, unless you have a backup.

More Accessibility for dentists and patients: Cloud-based dental practice management software lets you create a centralized server containing all the relevant patient records and dental treatments. You can let the patients access their records in case they visit a dentist in a different place. Also for dental practices having multiple branches, dentists will have access to the patient treatment records irrespective of the branch the patient visits.

Multi-Device Compatible: One of the best aspects of cloud-based dental practice management software is Multi Device Compatibility. 

Online dental practice management software works via the internet. It will work in desktop computer and also on tabs/mobile phones via apps. They design dedicated apps for mobile phones and tablets.

By using the apps, you can also upload or update patient information/photos directly to your practice management software from your phone or tablet. 

This is one of the great advantages of cloud based online dental practice management software.


Powerful Internet Speed Needed: The cloud-based dental practice management software is completely dependent on the strength of your internet speed. So, you need to make sure that you have a fast & steady internet service (Cable or DSL). You will regularly need to upload photos and documents related to patients and dental practice. So, unless you have a good internet connectivity at your place, you cannot use the cloud-based dental practice management software to its full potential.

Your data is on someone else’s server: Many dentists do not like the fact that the patient details/dental practice details are stored on some companies server. They fear about the security & privacy issues. What if the servers of the cloud-based dental practice management company get hacked. (and it does happen ! you will recall even iCloud, apple’s storage server, was hacked). So, it’s advisable to choose a reputed cloud-based dental practice management software, which has a good track record.

Shifting from one cloud-based dental practice management company to another: Suppose you are not happy with the cloud-based dental practice management company you are currently using and want to shift to another. In many cases, it gets difficult as each company stores the data in its native format that may not work on the servers of a new company. So, before purchasing subscription of any cloud-based dental practice management software enquire about the backup and migration facilities. If you miss this point, then you might be stuck with the company even though you want to shift.

So which type of dental practice management software you should choose?

How to make the correct decision that will be good for your dental practice?

See the next concluding page to know the points.

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