Benefits Of Using Facebook For Your Dental Practice

This article is the part of series, where we are telling you about the use of Facebook marketing for your dental practice.

#3. Benefit of Facebook Marketing

(Build up a Free Review System/Check-In System)

Facebook gives you the facility to create a review system for your dental practice page.

In other instances creating an evaluation system will need inputs from the web designer persons.

However, on Facebook, it is effortless and completely free.

Facebook gives you two ways to create a review system for your dental practice page.


  • Review Tab – Where a generalized rating is shown based on the review stars provided by your visitors. 
  • Review Comment Section – Here the guests offer their ratings,  comments, and experience when they visited your dental practice.

Facebook also provides a check-in system for your patients based on the location of your clinic.

So any friendly patient can post in their timeline that they have checked into your dental office – and also that their visit experience was comfortable.


The good point – this update will be visible to all of the Facebook friends of the patient. It creates an instant positive notification about your clinical practice, without you having to spend anything.

Slowly but steadily this method creates a buzz about your dental practice with an increased possibility of more and more patients. 

Benefits of this Review System for Your Dental Clinic

In the initial days of creating your Facebook page, you can request your old patients, who you feel are happy with your treatment services, to give their feedback and favorable review. Also, you can ask your friends and family members to give you good feedbacks and reviews.


Whenever any individual gives a review, then that review by default is posted on their timeline and is visible to all facebook friends.

It indirectly creates a viral campaign reaching not only the profiles of your contacts but also the profiles of their Facebook friends. 

This approach gets the name of your dental practice closer to many other potential clients. Seeing positive reviews from their close friends is a great motivator and trust inducer to visit your dental practice in need of Dental Treatments. 


#4. Benefit of Facebook Marketing 

(Provide Free Patient Advice &

Raise The Presence of your dental practice brand)

Many big brands are providing their customer support directly via Facebook.

Why ?

Facebook is now present in everyone’s phone in the form of an app. It establishes a direct communication between the brand and the client.

For Example – One of your old patients has some immediate doubts regarding oral health that he/she wants to clarify. Then via Facebook, he/ she may direct message you in the message box of your Facebook page.


This system, in certain scenarios, is much more efficient than answering patients via phone calls. Regular reply to the queries from patients also builds up a strong goodwill and trust in your dental practice. However, you must not take too much time to respond as two days in social media can appear two weeks.

Get More Likes By

Posting Interesting Posts & Updates

In the World of Facebook “Likes” matter.

Once you open a Facebook page for your dental practice, your sole aim is to get Facebook users and potential future patients to like your page.

Get them to click the most famous LIKE button.

For that, you need to post interesting pics and information. Post interesting dental trivia photos. Also, try to post good looking before after pictures of your treatment. Avoid images of blood and extraction. Post relevant, funny quotes related to dental health.


Once you make the user like your page, then they will start receiving the updates and posts that you publish in their Facebook timeline.

So spend some time and keep posting some fantastic articles that will appeal to your future clients and build your reputation as a reliable and modern dental practice.

Positive word of mouth will elevate your dental practice Brand image.

It takes some time to get the adequate likes and fan following, but it is worth the time.

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#5. Give Offers/Credits to Your Regular Patients