Dental Practice Management : “Are Dentists Doctors?”

Dr Chinmoy Hazarika

This article is written by Dr. Chinmoy Hazarika. He is a practicing dentist and an avid blogger.
He writes at has also authored a Novel "Crooked Crusader: Morally Impaired"

Are Dentists Doctors? Is this even a question? Yet many dentists have faced this question at some point in their career. This post answers that question with logical reasoning.

Are Dentists Doctors?

(Dental Practice Management)

Is this even a question?

“Dentists are not Doctors.”

“You are a dentist, not a doctor.”

“You are just a dentist.”

Sounds familiar, right?

Each one of my colleagues has heard one of the above statements at least once in his/her career.

And not just by medical doctors/physicians/surgeons but also by lay people.

To make matters worse, popular movies and television shows like The Hangover and Roadies have been fueling this hair-brained myth among the public.

Such ideas are not only disrespectful to a great profession but also an insult to human intelligence.

It’s like saying, “It’s an omelet but not a poultry product!”

But now the question remains, why do people think so? Why so many people keep asking the same question? Does it need to be evaluated? Is there something wrong in the way we present our profession from the initial days?

#1. Why Do People Think So?

Honestly, there is no true answer! But still, we will like to probe into the thinking.

  • It could be because people think dentists deal with comparatively less invasive procedures than medical surgeons do.
  • Another reason could be the difference in duration of the professional courses for medical doctors and dentists.
  • There is no mortality involved in our field of work. Hence dentists are considered to be underachievers since we do not “save people’s’ lives.”
  • Plain ignorance (for lack of a more polite term).

If you see closely, many of these points arise from the ignorance of people about Dentistry in general. People are least bothered about their oral hygiene. Teeth and oral cavity are treated as a secondary organ until unless there is some pain. This attitude of negligence towards oral health is behind the deeply rooted negative and disrespecting psyche of people regarding Dentistry as an integral part medical science and Dentists as Doctors.

Go to the next page where we will discuss, Why such People are wrong. We have solid reasons to counter the negative opinions of people.

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