Top 5 Features Your Dental Practice Website – Dental Practice Management

Planning to open a Website for your Dental Practice ? Before you pay any designer - Here are the 5 Features that every Dental Website must have .

#2. A Good Programming of Your Dental Site without Bugs

Always keep emphasizing to your website designer that coding should be simple and nothing much overloaded and complicated. The idea is to have a simple website that’s easy to manage, update and which loads fast.

As mentioned above there are many ways to platform your website & the easiest and free is WordPress. Also for WordPress, you will find many nicely designed ready to use professional website templates. 

Also Don’t worry at all about using the WordPress. It’s the most widely used platform in the world for making websites and you will find lots of step by step documentation all over the internet on how to install and use WordPress.

It is very easy to learn and then you don’t need to ask your developer every time you want to make some changes to your website.

#3. The Myth of SEO 

(Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation is the process to make you site more visible in Google search and other search engines. For example – Suppose a patient is based in India, Mumbai and looking for a clinic in Mumbai East and he searches on google. Then if you, the dentist is based in the nearby area and your Search Engine Optimisation is good then, google search results will show your Dental Clinic website on the first page of search results.  

    1. This increases the chances of a prospective patient to check out your clinic website and potentially be your client. 
    2. You also have the option to pay money to google to promote your dental clinic website in the search results. You might have noticed some search results will come on top of the page with Ad written next to them. Those are the paid advertisements and they further increase your chances that a prospective patient might visit your site.

So, SEO is the tool to make you stand out among the crowd of websites.

Google is always evolving and so does the SEO.

Many designers charge a Lot for the SEO service, so make sure you are getting the TOP of the search results. Don’t just pay the designer and play the waiting game.

An effective SEO will make you dental clinic website more visible to all the prospective patients in many places near and reasonably far from you (Google can exactly know the address of your clinic and show the search results to all the prospective patients looking for a dentist).

So, keep asking your Designer about SEO and check that in a month by searching for your clinic. If your SEO is good then your Dental Clinic website should be visible in the TOP searches for dental practice when searched from your geographical demography.

If in case you see your site is not in the top search results then ask your designer about the SEO.

Make sure that the SEO of your website from the inception is set up correctly and from then it an ongoing process to maintain it.

Just realize that SEO settings are like a Direction Pointers that will point the right audience looking for dental treatment towards your site.

Google Adwords if the Property & Service of Google

You can also use Google Adwords – The paid Google Advertising system where you can control which demo graph the ads are shown.

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#4 Point – That Your Dental Clinic Website Must Have

A Responsive Design