3 Methods To Improve Dental Practice & Finance – Dental Practice Management

3 Simple steps to Improve the career of Dentistry and Be Successful in it. Don't bargain, Don't treat your fellow dentists as Dentists & Be Humble. Follow these rules and play a role in the upliftment of the dental profession.

#1. Remove the word bargain

from your clinical practice

Fix your treatment charges that are

respectable/affordable and never give any discounts.

This habit is spoiling the name of our esteemed profession.

The current scenario is such that even a vegetable or fruit vendor does not let his customers bargain.

Then why we?

Have you ever seen any patient bargaining with a Heart Surgeon or an Eye Surgeon?

Then why do we give our patient such liberties at our practice???

It is not at all a healthy practice.

we think that we have snatched a patient from our neighbor

colleague by doing the treatment at a lesser price.

However, in reality, we are merely digging a grave for our profession.

This habit and notion that by decreasing the prices of dental treatments lower than the competing dentist we can gain a better a dental practice is a complete myth.

In fact, patients take advantage of these situations.

Also reducing prices creates an impression in the general public that Dentists are money minded freaks who can stoop low for it.

It brings down the level of respect that a dentist truly deserves as a surgeon. 

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Neighbour fellow Dental Surgeon is not your enemy