Dental Practice Management: 10 People Not Fit For A Career In Dentistry

Will you advise a youngster to join dentistry as a career? Do you feel you have all that it takes to be successful in dentistry? What are some of the difficult points about a career in dentistry? Read this by a young dentist to know the answers to the above questions.

2.The Ones in for a Quick Buck

One of the biggest misconception regarding dentists is that they earn a truckload of money!

Yes, they do but that does not happen soon and nor does it happen to everybody.

Be prepared to work for peanuts in your initial years and that too after spending a fortune on your dental education.

Dentistry in most of the cases is like a waiting game where you wait & hold on, and then you strike gold like a long chess match.

“So Build Patience To Survive Dentistry”

You need to play the waiting game

3.The Ones Who Underestimate The Dental Course

If you are one of those, who consider dentistry as an alternative to get a doctor’s degree and easier than MBBS/Medicine, then you should talk to final year dental students who are about to appear for their exams. After hearing them, you might think twice before joining dentistry.

Some basic facts to realize:

  • It is a common opinion that if you do not qualify for MBBS/Medicine then enter dentistry as it is relatively cheaper & easier.
  • The above notion is a complete misconception.
  • Similar to medicine, dentistry is also a five-year course with multiple subjects ranging from anatomy to dental materials and much more.  You are also required to complete many clinical procedures from nine separate departments of dentistry. It is very hectic and stressful.
  • So people who are joining dentistry assuming it as a relatively easier course are in for a rude surprise. 

Nothing in this world comes easy and especially a degree in dentistry or any other health specialty.

If you are already into Dentistry and now worried about the amount of work you are going through, 

then calm down!

You are not alone.

Every health professional has to go through a similar grind. Moreover, it is not unjustified. You are not dealing with some computer device or software code. 

As a health professional, you are working on a living human body. 

In the case of dentistry, you are dealing with a human tooth which is dynamic. 

Moreover, it is just not the tooth, but the entire oral system around the tooth which also has the link to the other major systems of the human body.

So, you should not lose your patience and be ready for the long haul.

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Point No.4 & 5 To Survive Dentistry

If you feel Dentistry is just Pulling out teeth

The Change your attitude