Dental Practice Management: 10 People Not Fit For A Career In Dentistry

Dr Keerthika Natarajan

Dr.Keerthika Natarajan is a bright young dentist and has a great talent in expressing with words. She writes about the emotional quotient of dentistry as a career & life.

Dental Practice management: 10 types of people who are not fit to be a dental surgeon and the changes you will need to succeed in your career as a professional dentist.

Dentistry as a profession is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, most of us get into dentistry without much planning and idea. Once into dentistry, we adapt and change ourselves to fit the program. However, if anyone ever asks you, who are the people not fit for a career in dentistry, how will you answer it?

This question holds much meaning for us dentists too.

By asking ourselves these questions, we can do a self-analysis and improve ourselves further.

 “People who are not fit for a career in dentistry.”


“Ten Changes You Must Bring in Yourself to Survive Dentistry”

As kids, we all had dreams of becoming someone significant when we grew up. 

Someone big and famous.

I sometimes had the thought of becoming an army person defending my country.

Some days I dreamt of becoming a Prime Minister and provide exotic foods to every citizen.

The dreams were innocent and knew no boundaries. 

Moreover, I guess there will hardly be anyone who had exclusively imagined to become a Dentist.

For those of you who thought of becoming a dentist, then you are the right person, in the right profession. Also if your father or mother is already an established dentist, you are probably in the right job profile.

However, if you are still not sure if you are cut out to be a dentist, then you should read this article.

If you are already into dentistry, then this article will tell you some points that you must add to your thinking and attitude to survive and do well in dentistry.

You will find the following points in this article, that will help you immensely in improving your career in dentistry.

  1. You will learn about ten kinds of people who should never try their hands at dentistry.
  2. If you feel you are one of those ten, then you can either change yourself or its the time to change profession. 
  3. If it is too late to modify the occupation, then you can at least guide any youngster you know who is confused regarding the choice of dentistry as a career option.
  4. Also if you are already into dentistry, then you can modify some of your habits and mannerisms that will help you in the long run.
  5. This article will tell you the changes you must bring about in yourselves to survive and thrive in Dentistry.

So, let’s start with the article.

1. Not so Artistically Inclined?

If your artistic skills are poorer than a ten-year-old, you might have to reconsider choosing dentistry as a career stream.

Because, as a dentist or a future dentist, you are expected to carve out replicas of teeth with almost accurate measurements from wax blocks smaller than the size of your fingers.

You even have to draw almost perfect polyhedral shaped cells or to carve out your restoration to mimic the natural tooth.

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  • It needs some skills, and if you are just not good with your hands, it is better to stay away from dentistry!
  • However, as you are already into Dentistry – Invest time in improving your skills.

Always remember as a professional dentist, you are going to carry out multiple procedures on a live tooth and oral cavity (having numerous blood vessels and nerves).

One of the most important factors in dentistry is maintaining the cosmetics and shape of the teeth or smile. That is only possible when you have spent hours in working on dummy items like carving a tooth from a wax block or drawing tooth on papers.

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