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Check out 10 most idiotic ideas on Dentistry! What the F ! In the 21st century there are still some prevailing ideas and notions about dentistry that will not only make you laugh but also very angry. These hilarious yet idiotic lies show that many people are still not very aware regarding oral health and dentistry as a medical science.

Myth 3: “When they get bad, just take them out.”

Boy, if this were only the right solution, we would love it! Removing the offending tooth does make sense in a way: it gets rid of the pain. But every time you remove a tooth there is a whole series of chain reactions that occur: your other teeth move. The gap or space created causes additional stresses on other teeth, often resulting in an impaired chewing function, gum disease and loss of still more teeth. If simply yanking teeth were the end-all solution, people would just take all their teeth out and get dentures.

In fact, for a time in certain countries, including Canada, this was thought to be the ultimate wedding gift: To remove all the teeth and give the wedding couple dentures. Seriously. That way they would always avoid dental problems in the future. But we know that’s not true. In fact, dentures are the equivalent of oral wigs, and most people are much more satisfied with wearing their own hair than with wearing a wig.

Myth 4: “Teeth is not related to health !!!

Is it ???? It is just for cosmetic purpose”

Yes … I have heard this silliest¬†comment!

I absolutely lost my cool on this statement. I shouted then why have you come to a dental college? The patient said – I just want my teeth cleaned!

We tried to explain him side effects of smoking and tobacco chewing! But to no use. Well, some people can’t be taught !!!

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