10 Greatest Mistakes to Avoid in Your Dental Clinic – Dental Practice Management

In this article, you will learn about top 10 mistakes that can hold you back from achieving the complete success in your dental career. So, now your job is to avoid those ten mistakes.

3. What Should You Not Spend on?

What Should You Spend On?

Check this clinic. It belongs to one of my colleagues.

You can tell from the interiors that he must have spent an enormous amount of money on this setup.

After spending so much, his clinic has still not picked the pace, but he is not worried, as he has a sound financial background.

He can happily wait till the time his practice clicks and gathers a steady flow of patients.

Now See this clinic below

With all the essential equipment and minimum basic interiors, this costs only less than half of the practice above.

By careful planning, you can cut down the price even more.

It is the mistake many of the young dentists do.

They spend on things that they should avoid.

We will give you a simple rule to plan your investment in your dental setup.

Divide your estimated spending to 2 categories:

Cosmetic Spending

Necessary Spending


  • It includes the spending on interiors, furnishing, roofing, tiling, and others.
  • If not kept in check, the expenditure on these things can go out of control.
  • There is no upper limit when you tend to spend too much on decorations.
  • In the initial stages, a dentist will always benefit by controlling such expenditures.


  • That includes the dental chair, x-ray unit, RVG, dental forceps, motors, drainage, AC and the change in power supply to your clinic.

“Now I Know …”

The Entire Furnishing + Instruments should be within half of the price you had estimated for your clinic.

If you want to know more details on:

  • How to set up the dental practice with minimum investment?
  • What are the instruments you should buy for your practice?

This article will give you a comprehensive picture:

Also, very few dentists have an idea about Insurances. Even if they know, many do not take it seriously. The moment you complete with installing all the instruments & furnishing, immediately think about insuring your clinical setup.

Yes, it is indispensable as the clinic is full of expensive tools like RVG, X-Ray Unit and other dental instruments. So, make sure you get the necessary insurance to safeguard your devices.

You can read more about the insurance that is available for dentists here: Insurances for dentists

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Not Playing the Waiting Game