Revelations From Anjali (BDS Intern) !!

We found Anjali sitting in Dental Material Shop and happily eatingChocolates with Apple Pie &

Thumbs Up !!

It was like Aaaj Kuch Tufani Karte Hain

and She definitely did something toofani today

We said Hi.

She also greeted us with a big 2nd Molar To 2nd Molar smile.

We told her we are from DentalOrg times and can we talk about what just happened today. She agreed to talk with the condition that her full name and pic won’t be revealed.

She first asked how was her relative and on hearing that the relative is resting in the brand new AC room in the department surrounded by few students ordered to take care of the relative, she felt relieved.

She told ” At least few students got the chance to feel how AC feels in college. Other wise they spend whole of their summer in hot fan less classes.

Coming back to the incident, she told that she never wanted to slap her relative.

It was not an impulsive action. It was some thing building up in her for some time now.

Though she felt sorry for what she had done … so also admitted that

It Felt So Good and the relative deserved it any way !

Then she started us telling all the back stories that lead to the slap-gate event.

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What did Anjali Say ? ?

What was the reason behind the Powerful Slap ? ? ?

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