Dental Graduate Fights Psycho Relative


(Relative Suffers Avulsion of Right Central Incisor)

A breaking news report by Deb Reporter for DentalOrg Times

Its was just another regular Monday at Molarpur Dental College. Every thing was going on as usual. Suddenly there was a talk going around about a patient who has fainted. Though patient fainting in the extraction department is not uncommon but this was a very different case.

In this case a middle aged lady “stylish” was slapped by a dental student. The lady was a distant relative

( cousin of the father’s elder brother’s wife) of the dental student named Anjali (name changed on request)

and surprisingly Anjali was the one who gave

One Tight Slap To Her Relative !

The slap was so severe that, not only the relative fainted but also her right central incisor popped out like a jumping & bursting popcorn.

The incident happened in the department of Prosthodontics. The relative was immediately taken to the newly build AC room. Fan and AC were switched on and bottle of ice cold water was sprinkled on the relative. The relative was slowly coming to senses but she still seemed little confused.

We heard that Anjali is a very quiet and nice girl who always talked with a soft voice & thin hands . She was also the second best topper in all 4 years. So it was a surprise for all, that she got so angry and then she slapped so hard that a tooth popped out.

We felt there is more to the story. We decided to reach the bottom of the story and managed to track Anjali who was sitting peacefully in dental materials shop next to the college. She really did look very sweet and not like a person who can slap so hard.

She seemed very relaxed and was having Chocolates with Apple Pie !!!

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Why Did Anjali Slapped Her Relative ???

What did She Say ? ? ? See Next …

Revelations From Anjali (BDS Intern) !!

We found Anjali sitting in Dental Material Shop and happily eatingChocolates with Apple Pie &

Thumbs Up !!

It was like Aaaj Kuch Tufani Karte Hain

and She definitely did something toofani today

We said Hi.

She also greeted us with a big 2nd Molar To 2nd Molar smile.

We told her we are from DentalOrg times and can we talk about what just happened today. She agreed to talk with the condition that her full name and pic won’t be revealed.

She first asked how was her relative and on hearing that the relative is resting in the brand new AC room in the department surrounded by few students ordered to take care of the relative, she felt relieved.

She told ” At least few students got the chance to feel how AC feels in college. Other wise they spend whole of their summer in hot fan less classes.

Coming back to the incident, she told that she never wanted to slap her relative.

It was not an impulsive action. It was some thing building up in her for some time now.

Though she felt sorry for what she had done … so also admitted that

It Felt So Good and the relative deserved it any way !

Then she started us telling all the back stories that lead to the slap-gate event.

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What did Anjali Say ? ?

What was the reason behind the Powerful Slap ? ? ?

Anjali’s Story

(As told by Anjali)

” I was always a good student & one of the top ranker in my school and college. You will be surprised I got MBBS but I always wanted to be a dentist. So I chose BDS in Govt. Dental College Molarpur. I am still very happy with the decision I made. “

But some of the relatives never know how to be happy !!! Or may be they don’t have the understanding.

And they started pinch-comment (from the day I joined BDS) like you see in the Saas Bahu Dramas

Why dental ? ? ?

So many years you will study only 32 teeth ? ? ? !!!!

What’s the use of you being a topper ๐Ÿ™‚

But that was just the beginning of the comment bombs !!!

Its like she was on a mission – ” Mission Dentistry Bashing “

I told her “Kaki ” (It means Aunty) … Dentistry is also a vast branch and has 9 specialties. We are also designated as Doctors.

And she was like – ” Haiiiiinnnnn !!!! 9 specialties !!!!!!! but what’s the use ofย  having 9 specialties for just tooth !!!!

Worst part was hearing all that crap and not react openly. I will just leave the room with some excuse and the expression like below

But it was the just the beginning … more was still to come

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The Bombings of the relative continues …ย  See Next …

Attack Of The Relative Continues

Anjali continued her story . We were listening to it very eagerly.

” I always liked attending marriages and the social functions. In-fact all wanted me to be there. Call Anjali fast … She Can sing & Dance. I have so much fun in the marriages just like Madhuri Dixit Ji in bolywood movies.

But soon that changed. That relative started to spoil my fun there also.

As I am good in academics all my cousins respected me and many elders will tell ” Be like Anjali Didi “

But this one relative and her “Chamchas” has different goal I suppose. When ever Dadaji will tell – Finally some one in our house will be a doctor, that relative will comment bomb to spoil the mood. She was like a

” Lady Gabbar Singh” – waiting to spoil the party for me.

She will add ” Haan … She didn’t get MBBS. Chalo … at least something is better than nothing … close to doctor “

I will say – ” Kaki we also learn about human body and dental surgeons are designated doctors.”

And she will say ” Haan … beta … if you say so ๐Ÿ™‚ … Don’t mind plz … I was just saying.

And she will go from there after spoiling my mood.

At that moment, that relative was Gabbar Singh for me

(Gabbar Singh is one of the most famous villains in the Indian Movie Industry)

“Aye Anjali !!! BDS kyun Lia re … Kitne seats baki the ?

MBBS Kai Nai Liya Re ?

(Why you didn’t take MBBS & but you tok BDS ! ! Why you idiot ?)

But the torture didn’t stop there … It continued. Read next slide to know what came next from the relative. Am telling you it will make you angry.

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The Insult Reaches New Heights

Return of the Relative

Anjali was continuing her story and we were hooked to it.

It was like a slow motion drama in fast forward.

Anjali said ” BDS course was of 4 years and that relative never left any chance to comment in all those 4 years. As it will turn up … Most of my cousins were in to engineering & other streams. I joined BDS in 2010 and by 2014 a lot has changed in dentistry.”

Dentistry was getting tougher and crowded and there was a sense of desperation in all dental students regarding future. Dental students were worried whether to start a clinic ? Or to prepare for Govt MDS entrance (which might take 2 to 3 years of attempts) ? Or to spend millions on private MDS seat of your choice ? “

Don’t Worry Anjali … You will get MDS Govt Seat

I had started my Internship was also going through the same tensions.

I am good in studies so I told myself I will prepare for AIPG.

But one thing always stayed the same

The constant bickering of that relative. Whenever she got chance she never left it.

The questions were unending.

The questions were never not asked in a good sense.

All that the relative did was to pin me properly.

Though I hardly ever get angry, but this constant badgering was making a pressure cooker of anger ๐Ÿ™‚

I was on the verge of just loosing control over my anger but I some how controlled myself again.

Hats off to us Indian Kids … We do have the capacity to take up a a lot of bullshit from others and not say anything.

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The Day Of Slapping … The Judgement Day

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Judgement Day : The Day Of Slaping

Anjali was continuing with her story.

It was sounding like a big fat dental family drama

She started talking about the day of slapping. Anjali said ” That whole year of internship I studied with all my soul & strength. Jan 2015 I had the AIPG exam. And I have cleared it :D. Am waiting for the internship to get over in Feb so that I can start my MDS here in Molarpur Dental College.

I always thought whats the reason I got the MDS Govt seat … Of course it’s my parents blessings, their sacrifices and a little of my hard work.

But one of the reason’s was also the constant commenting by that relative that made me angry and to channelize that anger I spent more and more time in preparing for the exam.

That day the relative came to college for some treatment. She said – Oh hi Beta … you still studying. How long you will keep studying. See I have come to be your patient. Don’t hurt your kaki beta. Replace my tooth. Seeing her again just made me recall all those years of commenting. Anger started to build up. But I controlled it. She was still the same :D. Just a little more Make up ๐Ÿ™‚ She was really using the money sent by her son.

I took alginate impressions. All the while she was whining and trying to talk. Finally done with impressions I asked her to wait for some time . That was the time when she said with a big teasing smile on her face –

Anjali said – That was it … I lost it … All the comments she gave all the years came flooding to my head … I recalled all the time I had controlled myself … I thought this lady had been insulting me and my profession for so many years without a stop … If I give one slap am not doing any thing wrong.

Suddenly my hands became powerful like the hammer of Thor and I just slapped her with all the power of all the years of pent up anger.


And that was so so so satisfying. More satisfying than anything I ever did and achieved ๐Ÿ˜€

I heard she lost a tooth … Wow … better than best. Now she will forever remember the slap.

Wow !!! That Slap Is More Powerful Than My Hammer

Well then that’s my story and its up to you to decide whether I was right or wrong.

But I certainly mark it as end of one of the chapter and the one I passed with super flying colors.

With this Anjali got up to go back to college. It was her last 2 weeks of internship and she was ready to get in to MDS life and more.

We are sure she will definitely Slap out all hurdles and be successful in her life.

Mean while … The relative Woke Up From Her Semi Consciousness and asked

And we returned to DentalOrg Head office To Report this amazing news.

This might be a parody or a true story but it reflects the unreasonable views of many people on a career in dentistry.