Dental Dreams Lesson 6 : How To Face The Exams of Dentistry ?

#1. AIM & PURPOSE of the Exam 

(How To Achieve Them)

I feel the Examination process involves the following –

PURPOSE = to EXPRESS your Knowledge

AIM = to IMPRESS the Examiner

GOAL = to achieve 100% SUCCESS when all the above, end in a “E S S ” it means

YES SUCCESS is doubly sure for YOU ! 😀

I can see you all nodding your heads and wondering how you did NOT realize this before?

  • I will tell you now, since childhood, our parents & the society are always inclined towards our excellence & achievement. It can be anything studies, sports, arts etc. 
  • Remember how we ask a small toddler who has just started going to a playing school to recite “jack N Jill” when guests came over ? Isn’t that an Exam? That child has to perform (express) so that the guests can Judge (get Impressed) and clap (giving 100% marks).Their claps make the Parents HAPPY, the Little child at 2-3 yrs just wants to get away from this examination & Enjoy himself.They worry, we perform. Were you ever worried of saying jack n jill then ?

So what are you worried of your Examination now?

If YOU could get 100% in your 1st exam WHY NOT NOW?

Because NOW it is YOU, who are MORE worried, anxious about your Performance in the exam than even your parents. And that is THE MAIN reason why you may perform poorly in an exam.

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We Will See Why Dentists are Afraid of Exams

when they know Exams are a reality

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