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How To Be Successful in your life as a Dentist ?

What are the tricks to succeed in the highly competitive and stressful world of dentistry ?

Well the tricks are very simple and surprisingly you already know about them, but in your day to day life you keep ignoring them.

This series of articles called Dental Dreams tells you about those tricks
that will bring about a marked improvement in your life as a Dentist.

This series of article is written by Dr.Nandu Petkar-Rege


DECODING THE TOUGH DENTAL EXAMS Expression of Knowledge ! (Written Exams)

MY dear friends,

As a dentist you are going to face many exams. Starting from your dental career till your higher dental studies – be ready to face the exams. 

But facing the exams is not only the matter of hard work or preparation, its also the matter of determination over fear.

As per the Oxford Dictionary

Examination = the testing of the proficiency or knowledge of a student (Oxford Dictionary)

My definition of Exam for you,

EXAMINATION =the process of seeking the Impression of an Examiner on the Expression of the Knowledge by a student.

The Majority of the Dental Exams that you are going will have a written theory part.

Written examination involves, writing your answers to particular questions, in a limited, given amount of Time. So that, later on it can be checked by an Examiner, to find out the depth & understanding of your knowledge on that particular Dental Topic (subject) ONLY.

Thus you Express your Knowledge on the sheet of paper to allow the examiner to give his/her Impression later, on your understanding capability of that subject.

See Next Slide To Know the AIM & PURPOSE of the Exam 

And How to Achieve them ?

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