Dental Career in Dubai – Premium Article Details

How To Work In Dubai As a Licensed Dental Professional

(General Dentist, Dental Specialist, Dental Hygienist, Assistant, Technician & Lab Aide)

To work as a Licensed Dental Professional in Dubai, you need to successfully qualify the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Licensing Exams/Assessment. The licensing process involves multiple steps.
  • It starts with applying online application at the DHA Website (Process called Sheryan).
  • Once you start the process then you will sequentially need to fulfill multiple steps till you reach the stage appearing for the Assessment Exams (Prometric Written or DHA Oral Assessment)
  • After passing the assessment, you will get the Eligibility Letter.
  • You need to hunt for jobs (within 1 year of your Eligibility Letter)
  • Once you get the job, you will get the DHA License.

It may appear straightforward but is a long process involving multiple steps, fees, documents and, much more.

Hence, to make the process simple for all the Dental Surgeons and Professionals, we have crafted 11,000 words Premium Article explaining all the steps of DHA License for Dental Professionals (with the help of Flowcharts + Animated Videos + Official Links + Documents + Demo Assessment Questions)

Check the video below to know the Points about DHA covered in the premium article:

Details explained in the premium Article are as follows

  1. A detailed explanation of various health boards in the UAE. 
  2. Explanation of which health boards you need to refer for Licensing Exams.
  3. Complete Discussion on:
    • The benefits of working in Dubai and UAE.
    • The average Annual Income of Dentists, Dental Specialists, and Dental Professionals.
  4. Details on Dubai Health Authority (DHA) License Exams.
  5. All steps to getting the DHA License (Explained in Detail):
    • How to apply Online?
    • What is Sheryan?
    • What are the required Academic Qualifications, Documents, and Clinical Experience?
    • What is Dataflow Primary Source Verification (PSV)?
    • The Prometric Written or (DHA Oral) Assesment Exams for DHA License.
    • How to prepare for the exams?
  6. All the steps after you clear/pass the assessment exams.
  7. What is Good Standing Certificate? And how to get GSC?
  8. What is
    • Eligibility Letter
    • Labour card
    • Malpractice Insurance
  9. The total cost of the DHA License Procedure and the payment stages.
  10. When do you finally get the DHA LICENSE to work as a Dentist or Dental Professional?
  11. How to Search for Jobs in Dubai after you pass the assessment exams?
  12. All the Official Documents (you can download) & Official DHA Links in a sequential manner.
The premium article also includes
  • COMPLETE ANIMATED VIDEO (explaining all the steps).
  • A DEMO CV + ELIGIBILITY Letter (for you to know how to apply with a CV).
  • Financial Planner/Calculator - Converting the costs in your local currency.
  • Demo PROMETRIC DHA Assessment Question Papers.
  • Articles to help you estimate the Cost of Living in Dubai.

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