Role of COACHING CENTERS in Exam Preparation

Any BDS graduate doing internship starts thinking about entrance preparation . Its a big decision . And many questions come to mind .
* How to start the preparation ?
* Am I good enough to crack the entrance ?
* Why am I afraid of the exam ?
* Which Books to buy ?
* How to manage time ?
And finally one of the most important question ….
* Which coaching center to join ???
Coaching centers now a days are playing major role in the shaping of the future of students . Then are some coaching institutes who have been running for a long time and have been producing outstanding results . So before joining any coaching institute ask ur self these questions and try to find the answers …


* How long the coaching center has been running for ??

Longer time means , longer database of materials. A long running coaching center signifies that it has enough flow of funds . Funds means the coaching center has facilities for student i.e Efficient staffs to teach the subjects , good supporting staffs , good and quality study material and more last minute support .

* Past results of the coaching center and Ask the old students about the coaching center .

* Check if they are providing on line coaching and assistance on phone .


Coaching System



*it’s good because if you think you are not able to do it yourself there is no harm in taking advice from the experts.

* Coaching classes are very important as a guidance tool for

what to study,

how to study and above all

how to perform better in the tests .

* It also gives you an opportunity to under go many mock tests on a routine basis. these tests always keep your preparation at the highest standard .It gives you a time bound plan for your studies

But remember just going to coaching institute is not enough . One of our doc in dentalorg went with his son to a famous coaching center and this is what the manager at the coaching center  told to both of them

joining a very reputed coaching institute is not enough only. You have to work hard to get maximum benefit out of it.

Hard work is our part only and there is no shortcut to it, coaching institutes can only work as a guide.
Before joining any coaching classes take some important points in mind like reviews from the selected candidates,any friend of you who joined and got selected can tell you about all the pros and cons of joining that institute.
Even after joining the institute don’t miss a single lecture or class.
The best way to get a strong startis to complete all assignments, reading, understanding etc before the main class
Make yourself familiar with the concept before the main lecture then attend it and take thorough notes,followed by reviewing and editing your notes as soon as possible after the lecture. This way you can get a better understanding of the concept and your main lecture will only work as a revision of the topic.And this way you will also go far ahead of your colleagues.
Always take regular tests very seriously and positively. These test series can tell you about your preparation standard. Mind you,No preparation is complete without a good test.
One more benefit of regular tests is you can have a healthy competition with your batch mates.
Always try to get 1st position in your batch.”

The working formula  in coaching center is as follows ….  there are about 20-25 batches in a good coaching institute and each batch has about 40-50 students.

so a total of about 1000 students at a time

and you know what that institute requires only 1 -2 students from each batch to get selected in any test to cover the whole page of a news paper . So the onus is up to the student to do well in the batch . Its very essential to do well in the batch to boost up the confidence …