The answer is NO. A candidate can be from any stream but that doesn’t create any prejudice in his interview.

Interview is based on general discussion & also on the topics you chose in your written exams. You have crossed all the hurdles and finally you are in the interview room.

You are one step away from your dream civil service job. At that point don’t think yourself as a dentist etc.

Feel confident and take yourself as a person who has all around knowledge about all aspects of society.

Thats why you are sitting in that room selected from lakhs of students.

  1. In IAS interview, sometimes questions are asked to make you angry and to check your control on your temper.Don’t be out of your mind. Just remember that everything is a part of IAS interview and you have to perform well. So keep smiling and stay cool.
  2. Don’t lose your confidence during IAS interview, no matter how the conditions are. If you don’t know answer for any question, kindly say that you don’t know. You should keep in mind that interview is not just a question answer session. It is a full personality test. They already know that you have a good knowledge of your subjects and current affairs, that’s why you are selected for IAS interview. Your intelligence in already tested in previous stages of exams.
  3. Don’t try to go out of the topic on which question is asked. People sitting in-front of you in IAS interview are on high posts.You can’t bluff the interview board because they know much more than you about the topics from which questions are raised. Your negative attitude will be easily caught by interview board and you may lose marks for it. Kindly accept that you don’t know the answer and request them to ask next question. It will not make much difference on your marks.

Keep a control on your senses.

Don’t show any manner or habit which can create a bad impression on IAS interview board.

I can give you a very nice example. One of my seniors (from the college am doing MDS) cleared IAS exams 1 year back with a rank of 65 all India. After completing BDS he was in to practice and also preparing for the exam. You might think being a dentist he might have been asked some thing different in his interview.

Wrong !!!

He was asked all the general questions.

Have a look at the questions he was asked

  • Is Anna Hazare’s demand implementable?
  • What are the problems you foresee if Anna Hazare’s requests are agreed to by the government?
  • The image of the police is nefarious in the society. As a police officer how will you try to change it?
  • Tell us the rank hierarchy of Indian Army
  • Who is the Japanese film director who is world renowned for his style? Name two movies which he directed.
  • What is judicial activism? Is it justified? Quote two examples of judicial activism.
  • You completed your dentistry. then became an Assistant Commandant in CRPF. Now you want IPS. Why is your career plan so confused?
  • Is there a need for police reforms? If so tell the reforms.
  • Situation Reaction Test: You are an officer in Railway Protection Force. One poor man does not have travel ticket. One University Professor who has bought a ticket has lost it. How will you handle both of them?
  • Based on a survey mapping, it is found that the number of SCs are very less in areas where STs are concentrated. Why is it so?
  • What is Phishing?
  • If you become an IPS officer, which organisation do you aspire to join: BSF, CBI, State Service?



You must be motivated and confident and it must reflect from your behavior inside the room in front of IAS Interview board

1. Knock the door and ask permission –“May I come in?”

2. After entering inside the room, wish the board members –“Good morning sirs and madam/madams”

3. Interview Board members will be sitting right in front of you usually on chairs arranged a around semi circular table and your seat will be in center of that semicircle. This arrangement is done to let every interview board member observe you properly.

4. Ask permission to sit from interview board members.

5. Sit comfortably and relax for a minute. Don’t be nervous. Remember that you are observed form face to feet. Interview board will be vey cooperative generally and you need not to worry about it.

6. Sit straight on the chair with hands in a position such that only fingers of both the hands are in contact. Don’t fold your hands to sides because it shows that you are not confident.

7. Answer the questions asked by IAS interview board members with slight smile. This will show your confidence and interactive nature. Don’t show the expression by any behaviour which can be bad for you.

8. Thank the IAS interview board politely after the interview is over and ask permission to leave the room.

9. Don’t ask silly questions like “I am selected or not ?” or any question with same meaning. This will create a bad impression on interview board members.

And thats it interview is over and now you pray and wait for the results .


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It really doesn’t matter if you are a dental student . Civil service exams are more or less same for all the graduates coming from all the streams. Yes one can say there is no specialised dental science topic within the prescribed topic lists. But thats what it is right now. So, any dental student who is truly motivated for Civil Service will find his way around it. There are a lot of topics to choose from. You as an individual are not restricted to any particular topic. Don’t let that affect you. As told before there are topics in the medical stream . There is public health.  So, stop thinking much and start working .

See the PDF below provided by Dr.Sakuntala Devi who cleared the exam last year and currently working in the Income Tax Dept. The PDF has all the must know informations about Civil Service Exams after BDS.

Thanks for reading this long article. All the best for your efforts. We at will feel happy if the information was helpful to you. Soon We will be publishing Interviews with doctors & dental students who are trying for the Civil Service Exams or Cleared it. 

Disclaimer :

The following article is written from the collection of previous dental students who have appeared for Civil Service Exams. The PDF file above is provided by Dr.Sakuntala Devi. All the informations in this article are just for your basic information as to guide a dental student for a career in Civil Service. Rules and patterns keep changing as per the government rules. So always verify all the information before taking any decision.

Have a look at these 2 Official Govt. links for further official notifications exams

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