“You know too much”, was the innocent response from my dentist’s receptionist to the questions I asked my dentist about my own dental treatment. Her words were ringing in my ears for days. Telling readers to get information prior to treatment has always been a major focus of my articles. Yet, his hygienist had already caught me by surprise by doing an “unauthorized” fluoride treatment on my five-year-old. And, without my knowledge, the dentist had previously placed a formocresol-medicated cotton pellet into my tooth between root canal therapy visits. I was

Poor pay drives dentists to BPOs

Meena is not alone. Many fresh BDS graduates are hanging up their white coats and opting for better-paying jobs. Even those are not easy to come by. When they do, it is to work as tutors, medical transcriptionists and in health insurance agencies.BDS graduates are being squeezed out of the ‘dental’ market as the preference is for those with post-graduate degrees. But PG seats are too few and too expensive to fund. Mushrooming colleges have also led to a flood of new BDS graduates with poor job prospects.

The Modern 21st Century Dentist

The modern dentist has come a long way when it comes to changes in oral health and hygiene throughout human history. The concern with human health has always been an effect of the human proclivity for tinkering and repair.