This post will tell you how to effectively study for Medical & Dental Exams. So, get your pen and note down the points to do well in exams. 

The field of education all over the world has become highly competitive. Just about a decade back it was  really easy to get through competitive exams.

But the scenario is very different today.

So is the case with Dentistry – its getting tougher and tougher.

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Specially if you are planning for Higher Dental Education in your own country or abroad,

then you need to QUALIFY in very tough qualifying exams. 

  • More and more people are appearing the exams every year.
  • This is driving students to work and study to the last limit that is humanely possible. But still its very hard to predict the out come of these exams .
  • In any entrance exams, any where in the world (NBDE, NEET, DDS etc) the seat to students ratio is like 203 students fighting for 1 seat .

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So in such a case the maximum problem is faced by the average students.

There are always examples of very talented students who always secure a rank in all the 4 years of BDS  and also go on to crack the entrance.

But such cases ,though inspiring, are not in tune to the ability of most of the students. 

Remember being an average student or not among toppers in the batch is nothing to crib or worry about.

Never feel that if you are the so called “Average Student” then you cannot be a success in dentistry.

If you just do some research then you will find that the world is full of examples where the so called Averages or Underdogs have changed the world by leaving behind a great legacy.

Average or smart – it eventually all depends on how much hard & smart work you can put up. 

No body has a ownership over success.

So the need of the hour is to understand your potential and prepare as per that.

Always know that  if you think your friend is more smarter than you are,

you still have another  option in your stock and that is ” Regular Repetitive Intelligent Study ( RRIS ).

This technique of RRIS is very powerful and year after year people have used

it to achieve great success in their profession.



( Hard Work )


( More repetitions help you in understanding and memorising )


( Studying intelligently with Notes , Diagrams , Memograms , Flow Charts , Regular Recalling )


( This signifies to enjoy the whole process of studying and preparation )

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Effective Preparation Methods

 An age old saying that fits the situation aptly


Lets discuss a few more points that can give you better idea for preparation .


 Before starting the preparation be confident .

Fear of  failure will be there but you got to over come that the move ahead.

Confidence is the outcome of hard work. So when you desire to be confident for your exams, you will by default start working harder than before.


Learn Time Management

You have limited time.

So you have to be very perfect in your time management

Always make time bound plan for your study, say you have to

complete Periodontics – 5 chapters in 1 day and Orthodontics 10 chapters in 2 days.

Try to do it like that and if you fail to complete the first task in the allotted time don’t extend it.

Just leave it and proceed to the next task.

Divide the remaining time up to the exams in 2 phases.

Give 80% of the total time to phase 1 and rest 20% to phase.

At the end of the phase 1 your preparations should be totally complete as you are ready for the final exams any time after that.

Next 20% should be given for revisions, mock tests, exam rehearsals etc.

The idea behind such devisions is not to spend a great deal of time just to finish a set of work.

There is no point in finishing 5 chapters in 5 days and not having time to finish 20 more remaining chapters.

So, divide and plan your time insect a manner that – you not only finish the subjects but also save some time for revision.

This habit will also come very handy while solving MCQs in exams where you only have 2 to 3 hours to complete the exam.

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know how to Divide your preparation in to 3 cycles

(Get the best results by this method)



Phase 1 (Make Story Phase)

  • Open the book read all content of the topic with understanding try to make a story out of it, relevant or irrelevant doesn’t matter but it should help you to remember the topic for example Mr. blood eats in red and white plates (blood has 3 types of cells , rbc,wbc and platelets … anything like that.Its just your creativity. Take your time to make some story out of the topic.
  • After reading close the book try to remember the topic as much as you can and if possible do it by speaking loudly .

It finishes your phase 1

Now you can proceed to another topic (better if another subject) in the same manner.

Initially try to cover 5-6 topics in a day than you can increase gradually.
Also don’t forget to write your story/summary part some where. (May be in your secret note book)

Phase 2 (Time to Recollect)

After 5 – 6 days try to recollect what you read that day.

  • Remember that story.
  • Write all the important points about that topic.
  • Don’t worry if you remember only a few points.
  • Now take a marker (should be of light color only) and read the topic again (faster this time).
  • Mark all the points which you think are important.
  • After reading close the book and try to write all the important points it ends phase 2.
  • Repeat this procedure for other topics in the same way

This is perhaps the most important phase of your preparation.

Lots of studies but – low to minimal recall will never give you good results.

In order to score the max in exams – you need to recall the correct answers and

that too in the shortest possible time.

So, by following the point mentioned above – recalling the points and writing them down – you keep recording the answers as stories in your subconscious mind.

Just keep practicing and don’t worry that even after so much practice, you won’t be able to recall the answers when you need it. Because you will definitely recall it.

Its like muscle memory.

By constant recalling and revision – the answer gets stored in your mind and when the time comes you will recall the answer in the exams.

Phase 3 (Time To Repeat & Write)

5 – 6 days after the phase 2 sit again,

remember again and write again.

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Open the book take another marker (darker this time) but now read only the marked portion (faster again) and mark the most important keywords among the already marked portion with the darker marker.

It completes phase 3.

Now make a routine

open the book every week or fortnight take a look at all the marked portion and

this way you will save a lot of time and cover a lot of portion.

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The Secret Note Book Phase


This is one method that comes under I of RRIS .

  • Always maintain a note book.
  • You can call it daily revision book.
  • Don’t make separate note books for different subjects, but make separate sections in the same one.
  • Now, the content part. Don’t write too much.
  • Try to be as concise as possible and a good method is to write story part (remember tip no 3) or the summary of the topic in your own words.
  • Write all the related key words or key points about it.
  • About the keywords make some easy mnemonic or formula to remember it.

Our prime objective of this note book is rapid revision of the syllabus in a very short time.

  • Mind you if you are taking more than 1/2 hour to revise any topic through this note book it needs editing.
  • Daily and quick revision should be the goal.
  • Because if you want better results there is only 1 short cut.
  • More and more quick revisions.
  • So make a habit of revising more in less time and soon it will give you the desired results.

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Before we end one point is very important to discuss.

Is Group Discussion a good choice for Exam preparation ?

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  • Though group study is good but as per us the more is not merrier .
  • Choose 2 or 3 like minded people and work with them .
  • Doesn’t matter  if your partner is male or female . Only thing that matters that as far as studies goes you are compatible.
  • It actually depends on the timing when you decide to start studying in a group.

Group Study in the Initial Days of Preparation 

Group study is intact good when you are starting with your exam preparation and you have months yet to exam.

Starting phase is that time – when you are yet to get in to grind of rigorous exam preparation.

Mentally and physically you are still in a relaxed phase of mind but with the fear to how to start such a vast preparation.

You are nervous and worried. And in such a time starting group study helps you a lot in slowly settling down in to the exam preparation.

Sitting alone & studying can be very daunting. In such a time little sun and studying together with friends can be really therapeutic.

Group study in the final 3 to 4 months of Exam Preparation

As the time for exam gets closer – you need to be more focused. During crunch time as the exam time gets closer, long group study might result in wasting of time. It happens.

So, in that phase group study is ok – but just to discuss some important questions, revisions & recalling.

Group study a month before exam

This is the time when you should stop group discussion.

Last month before exam is perhaps the most crucial phase.

In such a limited time – group discussion will not result in much gain for you.

You might end up discussing some thing you already know there by not getting the chance to read some chapters that you are still not confident.

So, its very crucial that you divide your group discussion in correct intervals. Used properly group study & discussion can be a great tool. But over use it in the wrong time – it can lead to more wastage of time.

But the code to crack entrance exams is a big puzzle with many ways to reach the target .

So after reading this article , is you feel like adding to it , do devise your own methods.

All The Best … Lets Roll And Start Preparation.