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DentalOrg.Com is a 6 years plus old website, which has been functioning since 2010.

DentalOrg.Com is one of the premier websites for Dental Surgeons.

Here we provide all the latest information on Dental Career Management & Information. Not only that ! Here many eminent writers / doctors post their writings to help and motivate the young doctors.

We also coordinate with doctors and urban city residents to organise Health Awareness & Anti-Tobacco campaigns in Remote Rural Areas. We feel its our duty and responsibility to do our part in improving the health level in Rural India.

DentalOrg.Com also acts as a platform, where doctors  from all over India & Asia share their stories & experiences. From students to practicing doctors – many have posted their experiences. You are also welcome to post your article/experiences here at Dentalorg.Com

Hi There ! My Self Dr.Deb. I started in the year 2010, when I was doing my internship. Internship is that phase when every Dental graduate is worried about “What’s Next ?” Same was the case with me. Information was very limited both online & offline. There was a need of an online portal that informs dentists and the same time help, motivate, entertain them. With that dream I started Since that winter of 2010 it’s been more than 6 years. In these 6 years I have completed my MDS in Periodontics & has emerged as one of the most popular Websites for Dentists providing wide range of Dental Career Information & Spreading Oral Health Awareness Programs to Remote Rural Areas.

Social Efforts @ at periodic intervals coordinates with motivated volunteers to provide Oral Health Care Awareness Programs.

We coordinate with doctors and urban city residents to organise Health Awareness & Anti-Tobacco campaigns in Remote Rural Areas. We feel its our duty and responsibility to do our part in improving the health level in Rural India.

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Dr.Deb - Founder & Author @ DentalOrg.Com
A Happy Dentist, On Line Entrepreneur, Guitarist & Musician, Big Foody & Cinema Lover.

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Dr Gowri Shankar

Dr.Gowri Shankar is the author of many best selling books on MDS entrance exams Like Dentest. He is a true living legend for dental students.
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Dr Suresh Shenvi

Doctor, Writer & Motivator. He has written many motivational stories for the help of students . He is also the co-author of popular MDS Entrance Preparation Book Dentest


Dr Vivekananda Rege

A Great doctor & a Gifted writer. His stories motivates students towards success & happiness. Sir has always worked for the benefit of Dental Students.

DrSunny Chourse

I'm fond of jogging, playing badminton, ghazals, retro songs. I'm a regular blood donor (12 times) (O negative) and love to write. Currently, after securing a rank in AIPG, I am doing my MDS in Orthodontics.

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Dr Keerthika Natarajan

Dr.Keerthika Natarajan is a bright young dentist and has a great talent in expressing with words. She writes about the emotional quotient of dentistry as a career & life.

Dr Anand Sanyal

Dr. Sanayal in a Leading dental practitioner for past 10 years. He writes article, informations & cases that will be helpful to the students.

Dr Pranav Agale

Dr.Pranav Agale is an MBA from Indira Institute of Management, Pune and a BDS from Nashik University. He is experienced in Brand Bulilding for Dentists.

Dr Varun Bajaj

Amazing Author @ at
Dr Varun Bajaj is a Dental Surgeon practicing in Chandigarh. He has been in clinical practice for many years now and loves to share his experiences with young dentists.


Dr Mayank Kakkar

Dr. Mayank is a very dynamic and hard working young dentist from Gujrat. He has worked a lot in the rural areas & writes on Modern career in Dentistry.

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    Dr Arshee Hashmi

    Dr Arshee Hashmi, BDS, Author, Dentist & Entrepreneur - Write blogs on dentistry through business & from point of view of an Entrepreneur.

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    6. Emotional Quotient of Being a Doctor – Being a doctor is not easy. There are many emotional quotient to it. So, feel free share your emotional quotient.

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