Top Questions To Help You Decide : Whether you should go for higher dental education ?

IS MDS / ABROAD Higher Dental Education Really Worth it ?

Should You Try For it investing a Lot of time & Money ?

Top Questions To Help You Decide : Are You Fit For Higher Dental Education ?


Its that time of the year when many fresh dental students would be finishing their internship and graduating as a doctor. All of them looking forward to the future with equal amounts of anxiety and excitement.

Most them would be first generation dentists having absolutely no clue of how to go about. Majority of us feel doing a post graduation is the ultimate thing you could do after BDS.

Many would be preparing for the upcoming exams seriously, some would be trying their best to study regularly, some would have began with full enthusiasm and gave up midway and some would probably be waiting to just try their luck without much effort.

Some will be waiting with cash in hands to pay to private colleges and get the MDS seats.

(But that also may not help now – as even for Private Colleges – Students must qualify NEET and Admission will be on the basis of NEET Exam only)

No matter what, the ultimate aim is always MDS ( Private or Government )

But should you just join MDS in a private college by spending 40 Lakhs just because your friend did it. Should you prepare for one of the toughest entrance exams (AIPG/NEET) just because some of your seniors have tried and got through and some are still trying.

Its 2015 & this approach may not be good. Never base your decisions on what others are doing. Have you ever heard the lines

“One man’s paradise is another man’s hell”

What may be correct for your friend may not be for you. So the need of the hour is to take the decision based on your situation and resources. So you need to decide on your own.

But wait … before you decide …

read these top questions which will help you to decide if you should do MDS  ????

Lets Start

1st How We Ended up in Dentistry ?

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A Little Recap :

1. How We Ended Up Doing BDS and

Now Waiting For MDS ??? Fate ???

But, what is strange is most of us are just repeating the same thing we did some years back. Just for a small recap, let’s think of how most of us actually ended up here.

Let’s Recap …

“You have To Get Science … Every One in Our Family Is Science”

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It all probably started from your 9th or 10th when your parents started telling you to study well so that you would be getting science group. Being a doctor is a thing of pride for many ambitious parents. So, they directly or indirectly push their kids towards a career in Health Science.

Once you belonged to the science group, you gave up every other thing you ever loved to just to keep trying to get into any one of the “only” two professions that parents consider a profession :

An engineer or a doctor.

You gave multiple exams and kept slogging those two years and finally landed up in an engineering college or a medical college.

Those of you who couldn’t get a medical seat compromised by taking up dentistry.

That almost sums up how most of us ended up doing BDS/Dentistry.

If you notice, most us never had the choice or the chance to think of what we really wanted to do. We did most of these things because everybody else did it or probably what we were told to do.

None of us really took time to think if we really wanted to do what we are going to do and how it really feels like. It’s sad that it happens mostly in our country that the biggest decision of our life was not our own but it was influenced by others.

 ” BDS is Over … Shall I do MDS ???

Now that we yet again stand at the crossroads of our next big decision,

why are we blindly doing things like a herd of sheep?

BDS/Dental Graduation is over !!!

What To DO Now … MDS/Higher Dental Education ???

All of us want to do a PG/Higher Dental Education,

but how many of you really enjoyed your UG/Dental Graduation ?

How do you think you would enjoy doing your MDS if you never really enjoyed BDS?

Have you asked yourself this question?

In my opinion here are some reasons why some people should not be doing a PG.

Unless you get a Govt. Sponsored seat … it usually involves 2 to 3 years of preparation (with no guarantee that you will get)  you are going to spend Millions for Higher Dental Education in private institutions.

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Your friend spent 50 Lakhs for an MDS seat … Should You Also Do The Same ? ? ?

1. First Reason Not To Do MDS

My Friends Are Doing, So I will Also Do

Never rush to do PG just because others are doing it. Never follow the herd.

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Hi … I have joined MDS / Higher Dental Education for 60 Lakhs or Million Dollars

You doing MDS / Higher Dental Education …

I will also that some-how  … even if I have to take millions of loan !!!

Decide for yourself if higher dental education is going to solve your purpose. If planning to do in private then check seriously do you have the the money to sustain you during and after the MDS course.

If funds are short then its better NOT TO DO private MDS/Higher Dental Education.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you have no money left after Higher Dental Education, struggling to open a clinic but One Of Your BDS friends (Who Understood he is not ready to spend millions in private MDS ) instead opened a good clinic and is doing well.

You might have to visit his/her clinic and ask for consultations !!!

Next Reason : Don’t DO Higher Education thinking

Oh people will look down upon me if Am not MDS/Post Graduate ! !

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2. 2nd Reason Not To Do MDS

Don’t Do MDS thinking – your own batch mates who would be doing their PG would look down upon you.

This is one of the most foolish reasons to do MDS.

Never think on that line that your friends with MDS will look down upon you !!!

Considering the situation in 2015 – MDS people have nothing much to boast about.

Jobs in colleges are so dry that no surety that will be getting staff jobs.

In fact if some BDS has somehow spent lakhs of rupees in private MDS thinking that after MDS they will join as a staff … then they might be surprised.

If its clinical skills  – then in the field there are so many hands on courses (Ironically run by senior MDS staffs) that a BDS can use to sharpen clinical skills and can invest in a good clinic.

Next Reason : Don’t Do MDS Just Because

If your parents have lot of money then

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3. 3rd Reason not to do MDS

Your Parents Have Lot Of Money To Waste

In this case spending millions money for MDS or a 5 star clinic is not a problem.

But don’t take it as a reason to do MDS.

Assess truly & faithfully if you really enjoyed your BDS days or Do you really want to do MDS ? !

If the answer is NO … then don’t go for MDS as you don’t need the degree for earning.

You already have enough of money & comfort … so search for something that will be more fruitful for you.

4th Reason Not To DO MDS 

Your relatives are constantly asking about

your future plans and trying to give their opinion.

Never plan and do MDS hastily just because some silly relatives are bugging you.

In 2015 that’s not the correct. Most of the relatives won’t help you or come to your rescue financially.

So you don’t need to do anything to get their approval.

You do what is most feasible and possible for you.

This is the most irritating scenario faced by a BDS graduate. While he/she is just finishing internship, his/her close school friends or cousins are already earning at least 20K to 30K in some IT firm.

The BDS graduate is in a catch 55 situation.

In social events he/she sees his/her cousins and friends relaxing and oozing with confidence that regular money or salary provides.

Then comes the really nasty aunties who start comparing their kids work-salaries and start Bombarding you with questions —

When you opening your clinic ?

Did you join any college ?

How much colleges pay as salary ?

These interactions put a lot of pressure on young graduates. It forces them to develop a sense of inferiority complex. Inspite of being a professional doctor , the immediate shortage of money is heightened to such a point that – dental graduate starts question their career choice.

In such a crunch time – many graduates hastily decide to go for the higher dental degrees with a feeling that it will shut up the nagging friends and relatives. But such decisions are many times not planned. As a result the young Dental / Medical graduate gets in to even tougher financial position trying to afford the costly higher dental education courses.

And the final and most irritating – You wont charge me any money beta … in your clinic ?

Your reaction on hearing so much bullshit … “Just shut up you Idiot ” ———>    Phew !!!

Social functions become like interrogation sessions …

“BDS has no value , MDS has “

Your neighborhood aunty who doesn’t even know how many branches are there in MDS says that BDS has no value these days and you need to study more.

Don’t even listen to her.

Do what possible and best for you.

See Next Reason

Don’t do MDS thinking you will get a job after 3 years.

Yes that’s the fact.

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5th Reason Not To Do MDS :

Don’t DO MDS thinking that after

3 years of MDS you will surely get a JOB and lot of money.

We Got Job … Right After MDS !!!! Really !!!!

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See, in 2016 and beyond you need to face the facts … the really real facts … Don’t do MDS thinking that after 3 years you will definitely get a job. The number of MDS every year are increasing so rapidly that all departments are completely saturated. So there is very less chance of you getting a job … until unless you have a big influence working for you.

The senior people you see well settled as staffs in different colleges … passed their MDS / Higher Dental Education some 10 to 15 years when MDS was a rarity.

For the current new generation there is no such luxury.

So you better be prepared for the hard truth.

I have Got a Job !!! 

( Not Sure Any More)

So When Should you Do MDS or Spend Time & Money for Higher Dental Education Abroad ?

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When Should you Do MDS / Higher Dental Education ?

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So, after the last few slides you must be wondering, if you should at all go for higher dental education or not. The aim of this post is not make you feel that going for higher dental education is futile.

Rather the aim of this post is to make you realise that you should not go for higher dental education for the wrong reasons.

Decide to do your PG/MDS when 

  1. You genuinely develop an interest for a particular subject.
  2. When you feel you lack in a particular aspect of dentistry that you would like to nurture.
  3. When you yourself feel that doing a PG at this time would contribute to your skills majorly.
  4. Only if you really enjoy dentistry.

We all are aware of how competitive this world is.

Most of us might think that if we don hurry up we might fall behind our counterparts.

But, I feel we need to give ourselves some time to make a clear decision to know what we want from life.

Let’s Do It Our Way

Why is it that all of us are rushing into something just because everybody is doing it or somebody else said so?

  1. I believe it would be ideal to give yourself sometime (if you haven’t given) to assess where you lack and what you need to work on.
  2. Give yourself that time for self-assessment and then decide what to do ahead so that at least this time you would be really sure of the decision you would take.
  3. If you ever felt you do not enjoy this field do not be afraid to do what you love. Do not be afraid to chase your dreams and listen only to your heart.

Remember, success comes only to those who really love what they do.

Go ahead guys, and all the very best for your future and always remember,

“It is never too late to be what you might have been”

Dr. Keerthika Natarajan

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