Best & Amazing & Beautiful Statues in the World of Dentistry

World of Dentistry in not a dry or dull one, as many think.

Like any other profession dental world is also full of many awe some creations.

Some are created for use and some are just for the sake of amusement.

Here we have compiled a collection for you

The Top Amazing Statues in the World of Dentistry

10. Castle Made Of Tooth Picks

This man created a complete replica of a British era castle using dental tooth picks.

Talk about innovation !

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#9 – The Vodoo Dentist Statue

Nothing much is known in surety. But its been said that this statue is a replica of the Vodoo Dentist Statue that was used in the ancient Africa for casting dental pain on the victims. The real statue is deep hidden some where in the African jungles away from people. True or false myth ! but still makes a great story !

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with Gold & Diamonds


8. The Gold & Diamond Tooth Statue

British Royal people were royal in every sense, Even when they used tooth replacements. This tooth was supposedly crafted for Henry V. But rumour is that he never got to use it. He one day just vanished in thin air. Just like a character in ” Game of Thrones “

Kings and their fancies !!!

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7. The Metallic Dentists

These are not some thing very rare or antique.

They are easily available on Amazon & E bay and you can order one if you want.

Might cost a little high but not high enough to add some dental metal to your collection.

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6. The Dentist Sand Sculpture

This statue was made in a sand sculpture competition in Greece. I

ts a good one … depicting the extraction procedure & the patient pretty well !

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5. The Fountain Tooth Sculpture

This one is in Japan ! I suppose it grants healthy tooth too 🙂

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4. The Lego Dentist Statue

Lego is famous world over.

Don’t you just love the movie also.

Lego also have a Dentist statue and its too cute 🙂 Its Awesome !!!

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3. The Dentist Couple Statue

Now its a great piece of dental beauty.

It reportedly comes at a price of 500 $. Its hefty but its custom made for dental surgeons.

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2 – A Dental Statue That Is Prayed As A God

This dental statue is in a remote place in India.

Here the statue of tooth is treated as a god and is placed in Temple.

People regularly come here to pray for good oral health.

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They are tasty and beautiful

1. Amazing Dental Cake Statues

Dentists are hard working and they always celebrate in their own style & cakes. Just check out these amazing cakes of dentists wedding and other celebrations.

Dentist Wedding !

Dentist Graduation !

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The Biggest Tooth Statue in The World

 The Biggest Tooth Statue

Finally the number one and the biggest statue in our survey.

The giant tooth of Trenton, New Jersey.

Its simply a marvel !

If you visit USA then do check it out

That wraps you our collection. Dental world is full of amazing things.

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