How to Prepare for NEET MDS – Chapter 2 – Preliminary Preparation with Monthly, Weekly & Daily Schedules

Welcome to the Chapter 2 of the series on NEET "How to Prepare for NEET MDS Entrance". In this section, we will know how to make an effective monthly, weekly and daily plan to prepare for the NEET Exam

You are reading “All about NEET” series and in this slide, Dr. Narendranatha Reddy will discuss the preliminary study plan to start the NEET preparation


Assuming You Have Weekend Tests

The journey of your NEET preparation starts here

  • This is the First Step and the most vital part of the NEET MDS Preparation.
  • Always remember that Constant Periodic Revision is mandatory for effective preparation.
  • I suggest you revise on daily basis of entire day topics before you go to sleep in the night.
  • This plan is explained assuming that you have Weekend Test on Sundays. One can modify the preparation as per their needs.

Monday – Friday: Initial Preparation

Saturday: Revision of the things whatever you studied from Monday – Friday

Sunday: Weekend Test

 The various steps involved in the Basic Preliminary NEET preparation are as follows:

  1. Shortlist Your Study Materials
  2. Shortlist Your Time/Days Per Subject
  3. Prepare a Weekly Schedule/Planner
  4. Schedule the Day
  5. How to Study – Weekly Test Preparation

 1. Shortlist your study Materials

(Basic Preliminary Preparation Point Number 1)

Before you jump into preparation, it is wise and sensible to carefully select your tools. And the most important in this regard is the study materials you are going to use.

Shortlist Your Study MaterialsThis is the most crucial part of the preparation

  • Many of the students try to read everything that is available in the market.
  • But it is not correct.
  • First concise the list of books you want to rely on (MCQs and Theory)
  • Keep positive hopes on the chosen materials
  • Don’t try to add more without finishing the initial list
  • You can try additional materials in the Revision Phase

 2. Shortlist your Days Per Subject

(Basic Preliminary Preparation Point Number 2)

  • This is another precious step towards your goal.
  • Many of the students don’t know how much time to be given per subject.
  • Earlier when multiple exams were there, students were used to giving more time for Dental subjects but now NEET MDS blueprint says equal (more or less) marks division for all the 19 Subjects.
  • Hence, we need to give equal importance to all the subjects irrespective of candidate’s interest.
  • Always prepare as per DCI Syllabus. Don’t let any topic go untouched.
  • Many of the students prefer to start with Dental subjects as they think it is easy to get on track.
  • But in my experience, it’s not a great start as they were piled with Basics at the end and lose the confidence and interest.

I suggest,

  • List out the Subjects in the descending order of Most Difficult to Easiest.
  • This is because you can start with that Most Difficult one with maximum time allotment. And the last one is Easiest which requires the least number of days.
  • For e.g.: For me, Pharmacology is toughest, need quite a lot of time and I put it at first. DADH is easiest and I read it in the last.

Below I am providing a tentative schedule for the number of days you should invest per subject for NEET MDS Exam preparation. You can either follow this pattern or modify it as per your requirement. However, keep in mind that there are 19 subjects which you need to cover. Therefore, plan accordingly. Investing too many days in one subject may make you better in it, however, you won’t have time to cover many other subjects or topic.

S. No Subject (Most Difficult – Easiest) No. of Days
1 Pharmacology 15
2 Anatomy 15
3 Physiology 10
4 Microbiology 07
5 Oral Pathology 12
6 Oral Medicine and Radiology 07
7 Biochemistry 06
8 General Medicine 10
9 General Surgery 05
10 Community Dentistry 15
11 General Pathology 05
12 Dental Materials 10
13 Prosthodontics 12
14 Cons & Endo 12
15 Oral Surgery 12
16 Periodontics 12
17 Orthodontics 06
18 Pedodontics 05
19 DADH 05

In the next slide, check out the 3rd step in the preliminary preparation.

How to make an efficient weekly scheduler plan for NEET preparation?

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