9 Ways to Expand Your Dental Practice to Smaller Towns

8. Work towards establishing an Online Presence:

Many times dentist working in small towns overlook this aspect assuming that online presence is not of much use in their case.

However, in the 21st century, nothing can be farther from the truth. With the speed with which internet connectivity is spreading every small town is connected online.

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Online Presence for Dentists © DentalOrg.com

Also, this is also the era of internet-powered smartphones, everyone in a small also has access to world wide web, Google, and social media. So, it makes complete sense to invest time in building an online presence even if your practice is located in a small town.

It is an elaborate topic to discuss. However, you can keep a track of some of the important points:

  • Use online directories and list your dental practice.
  • Use google to create targetted advertising for your practice. This essentially means if any prospective patient is searching on Google for a dental practice with 5 Km of setup, your practice will appear in the search results. See an example below, for a search of dentist in relation to Mumbai.
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Local Google Search for Dental Clinic

  • Use Social Media to also interact with previous patients and new prospective ones. Similar to Google, you can also create highly specific social media advertising for your practice directed at your town and other areas around it.
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Area Specific Social Media Advertisement. Image credits: image credits: SocialHi5

If you want to know the details on how to bring new patients to your dental practice, then you may read this article:

9 Ways to Attract New Patients To Your Dental Practice

The success or failure of every dental practice and health establishment depends on the number of clients visiting it. In this post, we will read about 9 ways that every dentist can use to get new people to visit their dental clinic.

9. Create a Web Site for your Dental Practice:

Do not take opinions on this from many people. Take it for granted that you do need to have a website for your dental practice.

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Dental Practice Website © DentalOrg.com

It used to be difficult to create a website for your practice. However, now with so many designers and online tools, it is no more very costly nor difficult to create a website. So why not have one? It will act as the online space/address for your dental practice.

10. Use Emails & SMS for connecting with the local patients:

Another important aspect of online promotion of your dental practice in a small town is email and short messaging service. Almost everyone is using mobile phones to receive their mails via mails apps. So, emails are a great tool to connect with the patient. And the best part is they directly receive it as a notification in their inbox.

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Email Marketing & Dentists © DentalOrg.com

Hence, make it a habit of collecting the basic patient details like Name, email id, and phone numbers. Subsequently, use those emails to maintain a periodic connection with the patients.

Please keep in mind not to mail them too frequently. In fact, send out emails once in a month or in 15 days.

Include useful and short dental information, link to your dental practice website and social profiles. Also, make it a habit to wish the patients on festivals, holidays and birthdays.

In a small town set up, all these small things go a big way is creating a sense of attachment and reliability in the minds of the general population for your dental practice.

Read the article to know complete details on how to use email in the marketing of your dental practice.

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