9 Ways to Expand Your Dental Practice to Smaller Towns

We are analyzing the best ways to promote your dental practice in small towns

5. Do Business with the local businesses in the town:

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Running and managing a dental practice is after all a business venture.

Therefore, be aware of the local businesses in the town and establish commerce with them.

How? It is straightforward.

  • A dental practice requires many commodities on a daily basis. (other than dental materials). Make a habit of purchasing all those from the stores within the town.
  • Put a conscious effort to establish a connection with people and businesses around your dental clinic. Over time, they will play a role consciously and subconsciously in spreading a positive word of mouth for your dental practice.
  • The more business you provide to your local business community the more, you will get in return.

6. Create a referral and discount system:

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The success of your dental practice depends on the word of mouth publicity in the town. Your referral program might offer existing patients an incentive if they refer a new patient to you. For example, you might give them a discounted procedure if they send you someone new.

Another approach is providing certain discounts to families. For example, if a previous patient gets his immediate family members to your practice then you can give them a discount. It is an excellent way to get families to your practice.

7: Use a business card and provide useful gifts to patients: 

In small towns, residents are more mindful of gestures than the patients in a fast-hectic city life. So, after every treatment (along with patient instructions) give away simple and easy gift bag to the patients!

Don’t worry! You do not need to give anything costly but something useful. A souvenir that reminds the patient of your dental practice. For example, a sticker of healthy oral habits. Along with that, you can add a complimentary mouthwash, friendship band, and others. For pediatric patients, you can include cartoons or small soft toys. See a demonstration of a sticker you can add as a gift.

These gifts do not cost much, however, they do go a great length in establishing a friendly connection with your patients which makes them a returning client.

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Also, always make it a point to drop in your business card in the gift bag. Design a professional looking business card for your practice and get in the habit of carrying it with you and sharing it every time there is an opportunity.

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