9 Ways to Expand Your Dental Practice to Smaller Towns

What are the benefits of establishing a dental practice in smaller towns and the top 10 ways to market your dental practice in small towns? The Complete Guide.

There are many benefits of setting up a dental practice in a Small Town of Semi Urban Area. Most of the dentists practicing in small town mentioned the following points which they feel makes it better/ more comfortable for them.

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1. Less Financial Burden: 

You will need to spend less money in:

  • Cost of setting up a clinic.
  • The amount that you need to loan from the banks.
  • Lower maintenance cost.

2. You do not need to fight an Army of Dentists:

Unlike in Urban centers (where there is a vast crowd of dentists competing for patients), in a small town set-up, you can be hugely relaxed.

3. Much easier to make your mark as a Dentist:

In a small town set-up, professional life is more relaxed as the number of dentists is limited. If you are good at your work, you will soon have name, fame, and money as a dentist in that area.

4. The better financial stability that leads to stable future:

A dental practice set-up in a small town gives you more chances to cover the first 3 points mentioned before. It overall leads to a much better financial future and stability. In contrast, the failure rate of dental practices in an Urban area is much more than in small towns.

With this backdrop, lets us analyze the best ways to market your dental practice in smaller cities.

1. Write Coloums in Local News Papers:

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Contact the most circulated newspaper in the town and start writing columns in it covering various aspects of dental health and importance of aesthetics.

This method is highly effective in making a name for yourself and your dental practice. You can meet the editor of the newspaper/magazine and reach an understanding to publish an article related to oral health, either once every month or every week.

Even if it costs certain finance, it is entirely worth it.

This approach is more efficient in creating a positive outlook on your practice than a regular pain advertising.

2. Use direct advertising in the Town Yellow Papers: 

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It is one of the primary ways to gain new patients for a dentist and also the simplest and most straightforward. However, in the effort to achieve complex solutions, most dentists tend to neglect the most straightforward route – Marketing of dental practice in the local directories.

Irrespective of where you reside, you must always list your practice in the local directories and yellow pages. List your dental practice in both the offline yellow pages and online directories.

3. Use Local TV and Radio Channels:

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Purchase paid to advertise for your dental practice (highlighting all the facilities you provide and also the exclusive discounts you are offering to patients and their families) in TVs and Radio.

It will take your practice directly in the living rooms of the town people. It is easy and sure shot way to reach the town population.

4. Attend or Sponsor Town Social Events:

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Look out for programs of social significance & contact the organizers to be a part of it. Try to get the opportunity to address the gathering on the importance of oral health. You may also contact the schools in the town to provide free oral health checkup and lecture to children.

Put efforts to make your speeches and presentations attractive. If possible, use many after before pictures of dental treatments highlighting the improvements in patient aesthetics. Be conscious to attend at least one such event every two months.

In the initial days of setting up your new practice, it is sensible to put efforts in this regard.
You stand to gain a lot from these social endeavors:

  • You will be successful in creating a brand for your dental practice and more importantly for your self as a Dentist.
  • These social events are the perfect place to make valuable contacts with the influencers in the small town.
  • You will able to create goodwill in the community that will propel your dental practice.
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