9 Ways to Attract New Patients To Your Dental Practice

In this post, we will discuss in detail about the 9 most practical points to get new people to visit your dental practice. For the benefit of reading, we have broken down the post into 5 slides.

In the 5th slide, you will find a beautiful infographic summarizing all the points.


The success or failure of every dental practice depends on the number of patients visiting it. In all the new professional dental setups, the initial months are always tough.

The financial viability of a new or old dental practice/health establishment is decided by the new people who visit the practice in a week or a month through out a financial year. If the number of new patients is more, it is a sign that the practice is growing and gaining popularity. But if the frequency of new patients is low, then it is indicative that something is not working as per your planning. The dentist needs to identify the issue and solve it. No professional health set up can financially sustain for a long time with decreasing number of new clients.

There is also the point of increasing number of practices. As new dental practices are coming up in every few months, there is a high competition to gain the attention of new patients.

Therefore, in such a complex scenario you need to be ahead in your game to influence a greater number of newer clients to visit your dental practice.

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In this long post, we will cover all the possible ways to attract new patients to your dental practice. All these points are from the experience of dentists who have been successfully practicing for a decade or more.

So, without further delay let us start with the first point.

1.Stay in contact with your previous patients

The first, most important and the easiest mode to gain new patients is to remain in touch with your former patients.

As the practice increases in time, most of the dentists, in their efforts to acquire new patients tend to forget about the previous patients they have treated. It is a blunder. So, from today make efforts to stay in touch with all the patients whom you have treated before.

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How to remain in touch with your old patients: The patient who visited today will become a former patient from the very next day. So, you have to use certain methods to always remain in a regular touch with them.

  • Collect the relevant patient information from the 1st day like name, contact details (mobile number and email id)
  • Using the contact details (mobile number or email plan a schedule to connect with previous patients)
  • Once in every ten days send an email – mentioning about your practice, new additions (if any), treatment offers, articles from your professional website. If you want to know more on how to use emails for your dental practice, read the article here.
  • Use the mobile numbers that you have collected for sending messages about your practice.
  • If there are some influencers among your old patients, then make personal attempts to establish a connection with them.

Point to be careful: There is a thin line between creating a contact and being intrusive. Do not go overboard with your emails, messages to the point that your former patients start getting irritated. As a rule, send a maximum of two emails every month and one SMS every ten days.

Recommended reading: How to use email for the marketing of your dental practice – an extensive review.

2. What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

Attracting new patients is not easy. As the market keeps getting crowded with more dental/health practices, there is a struggle for getting the attention of new patients. For a young dentist starting a new practice, it gets even tougher.

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The fundamental question is why should a patient who has been visiting a particular dentist for some months or years, switch to a new dentist with whom he has no connection yet?

In such a scenario, young & new dentists need to highlight their USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • Pick out a particular specialty and get very efficient at it. Use that particular trait as your skill USP. for example lasers, implants, invisible brackets, botox, etc.
  • If you can afford, then you may purchase the latest equipment which is still not common. For example a high-end laser unit. But as stated before, make sure that you have the financial power to afford valuable additions to your practice.
  • Once you acquire an expensive unit, then do not hesitate to promote. Proudly state it as your USP.

What if you are not able to spend on new equipment? In that case, the easiest thing you can do is make your clinic as pleasant as possible for every patient visiting your set up. That will generate a positive vibe which will help in bringing more patients.

  • Be Innovative: One of the senior dentists in my public circle created his USP as the family dentist. He always projected this direction to all patients. For every patient visiting his clinic, he kept giving free to discounted treatment to his/her family members.(especially kids) Over next few years, this became his USP.

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As the saying goes – You need to think out of the box. 

Due to oversaturation, every new idea is becoming a conventional approach or too costly. So, the smart thing would be to present the usual approach repackaged as your USP.

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