8 Reasons – Why It’s Awesome To Have A Dentist Girlfriend Or Wife

This post will tell you 8 practical reasons - why it id great to have a dentist or doctor girlfriend or wife. There are all very practical reasons presented in a humorous manner. You will love reading it and sharing it.

# 3. High Chances That Your Family will Adore Her

In all probabilities, you family (even if you have a long list of relatives or cousins)

they are all going to love her.

She will be adored by all your family members 👍

That’s a great relaxing point for any guy. Mark my words – it’s true.

#4. Low Chances of Heart Break

Having a Gf or Bf always carries the risk of Break-Ups.

Well, that’s the way it is. In this fluctuating world its a reality.

But that chance reduces considerably if you have a Dentist/ Doctor Girlfriend.

They are usually more understanding and understand the

ups and downs of life better than a regular person.

They are the best GF, wife Ever!

 # 5. They Will Keep you Healthy, Fit & Atractive

Everybody knows the value of being fit.

But most of us are too lazy to do any real workouts.

Well, that’s history if your lover is a doctor 😀

Chances are She will not only do workouts but make you do the same also.

So there are more chances that you will be

slim, trim & more beautiful in your next batch reunion.

Whereas your friends might look fat with a

pot belly, bloated & 10 years more than their age.

That time you will thank her a million times.

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