8 Reasons – Why It’s Awesome To Have A Dentist Girlfriend Or Wife

This post will tell you 8 practical reasons - why it id great to have a dentist or doctor girlfriend or wife. There are all very practical reasons presented in a humorous manner. You will love reading it and sharing it.

Hello there to all,

Let’ straight come to the point.

This article will tell you ten super reasons as to why it’s just

awesome to have a dentist girlfriend or wife.

So if you already have a dentist Girlfriend or Wife then you are lucky and

you can start sharing this article to show how lucky you are.

And if you are yet to have a Dentist GirlFriend or wife, then here are the 10 reasons, why you should start looking for one.

# 1.You are Always Going to Have Money

There is never a long recession period in Dentistry.

Yes there are ups and downs in a dental career,

but a dentist is never away from money for a long time.

So, if you have a Dentist GF or Wife, be assured.

Finance won’t be an issue.

Together you and she will earn enough to have a comfortable life.

On average dentists are the highest group of earners in all the countries world over.

Sounds like Ka-Ching !!!

# 2. You are Always Going to Have A Great Smile

You will always have shiny sparkling teeth :) Image Credit : Tumblr

Be assured you are always going to have a shiny, sparkling smile.

One spot on your tooth, a little black caries and

she will make it correct immediately & free of cost 😀

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# 3. High Chances That Your Family will Adore Her

In all probabilities, you family (even if you have a long list of relatives or cousins)

they are all going to love her.

She will be adored by all your family members 👍

That’s a great relaxing point for any guy. Mark my words – it’s true.

#4. Low Chances of Heart Break

Having a Gf or Bf always carries the risk of Break-Ups.

Well, that’s the way it is. In this fluctuating world its a reality.

But that chance reduces considerably if you have a Dentist/ Doctor Girlfriend.

They are usually more understanding and understand the

ups and downs of life better than a regular person.

They are the best GF, wife Ever!

 # 5. They Will Keep you Healthy, Fit & Atractive

Everybody knows the value of being fit.

But most of us are too lazy to do any real workouts.

Well, that’s history if your lover is a doctor 😀

Chances are She will not only do workouts but make you do the same also.

So there are more chances that you will be

slim, trim & more beautiful in your next batch reunion.

Whereas your friends might look fat with a

pot belly, bloated & 10 years more than their age.

That time you will thank her a million times.

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# 6. High Trust Factor

Yes, its true !

Ever heard the quote – Trust me, I am your doctor.

Doctors are naturally trustworthy.

They treat patients and share their joys, sadness and health secrets.

So one thing that comes with marrying with doctors – they are extremely trust worthy.

You can just share anything with them 🙂

She will always keep your secrete safe & will guide you, protect you.

# 7. All Doctor ~ Dentist Games ! Ahem ! 😀

I was thinking if to add this point or not !

Well what the heck … love making is an integral part of any love story 🙂

We are all in this world because of

Love, care & Making love.

And a doctor knows all the details.

She will make sure you work hard for you fitness.

She will love you, care you, understand you & your love making sessions

by default are going to be awesome.

Be ready for amazing loving times 😉

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# 8. She Will Always Respect Your Parents

For any guy, whether they agree or not, they are always very conscious of

how their Girlfriend or wife is treating his parents.

Nothing makes him more happy when his Girlfriend / Wife gives due respect to his parents,

take care of them and when his parents love like her.

By default doctors are very respectful to elders.

Believe me – that is a great quality that makes the relationship all the more better.

She will give respect to your parents 👍

# 9. Dentists~Doctors make great parents in Future

Doctors make great parents.

They know the value of good habits and are particular to create those habits as parents.

They are also particular about creating discipline.

Trust me, in your younger days you might have been a big rebel and given your parents a lot of tension.

But you will never like it when in time you are in the same situation as a father.

But don’t worry if your wife is a doctor, you can be more relaxed.

Doctors make great parents. That’s really true. 👍

Well That’s it! I guess you are now convinced how lucky you are!

Having a Dentist / Doctor Girlfriend/ Wife.

If you have one then say – “Thank You, God”

And if you don’t have one yet – then pray to God to get one 🙂

Because after a few years you will be proudly saying to your kids