This is one more comparison syndrome that affects many dental students.

In every dental colleges there are some kids who come from rich family. That’s their pedigree.

Now, they never asked to be born in a rich family.

So. its really unwise when few dental students go in to comparison syndrome yet again ! So strong is the comparison syndrome that any success by the so called rich students is dismissed as fluke. And that’s a very unwise thing !

Bill gates .. He is the richest man in the world ! Was he the richest in the world during his college days ? No ! He was not even richest in his class ! But he created an empire of wealth. If he would have been busy in just complaining that how rich some of his college friends and how they have all the all facilities & comforts then he would never have created Microsoft ! If you start looking thorough there are many such stories.

Similarly, rather than worrying on such a thing that is none of your business or over which you have no control ; work on something that you can control, that is your life !

Plan you action and execute them rather than worrying about why your friend has a lot of money and facility. Improve your dental skills,  plan or arranging your investments build contacts – basically work on yourself rather than counting the money others have !

The time an dental surgeon wastes on this comparison syndrome – is the time lost on making money on your own. If at all you are still not able to control this syndrome then – use it to motivate yourself to work harder and smarter to achieve success.

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