Comparison With Your Seniors –

Another Unrealistic Comparison

This is something that should be motivating.

Success of seniors must motivate a fresh dental graduate and make him/her believe that dentistry is a field where one can make both name & money in some time.

But some freshers completely take it in a different way ! Instead of feeling motivated and encouraged they start feeling the opposite. They just start the

” Comparison Syndrome “

Oh he/she has such a huge clinic ! So many patients ! MDS degree ! Staff in college ! Am nothing yet !!!!

That’s right ! You are nothing yet !!!

That’s the catch word – “YET “

You have just started your dental career and what do you expect – that overnight you will be a start dentist ! No my dear ! You have enough time ahead of you to work your best and achieve the success that your seniors have or more than that. They have also done the same. Once upon a time they were also fresh dental graduates. But they worked hard. Played the waiting game. Kept on building their skills and education.

When you see their success today and start the comparing syndrome ! Remember you also need to do the things that your seniors have done ! You can work harder and smarter to reach the goal faster !

So stop your comparison syndrome & start working towards your goal by feeling motivated from the success of your seniors !

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