7 most idiotic comparisons a dental surgeon makes ! Don't do it !

Comparison with the

Engineering Friends / Cousins

Yes, accept or not its one of the most common comparisons that dental students or their relatives make.

He finished his engineering and right after that he got a job & earning Rs 30,000 per month ! Really, Lucky ! “

” I am still struggling in some clinic after BDS with 2000 per month.”

“How many years I will need to slog”

” If I had Rs 30,000 then I can also enjoy like him/her”

This kind of comparisons are the most common and absurd. Every professional course has its share of pros & cons and time versus benefits ! Engineering and dentistry are two completely different fields and comparing them is like comparing mango & oranges !

As a dental student you need to understand that getting placement in campus is a part of  the engineering curriculum and you doing this unnecessary comparison only hurts your peace and puts you in stress.

Rather as a dentists you should understand that its the nature of your studies and accept the fact that you will also start earning though after some time. In dentistry also people are making good amount of money after some time. So you need to  wait for that time and in the mean time improve your skills.

That will fetch you much more money in the coming future !

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