7 most idiotic comparisons a dental surgeon makes ! Don't do it !

Hi there dental warriors ! How do you do ?

You know ! when I joined Dentistry in 2004 ! That time dentistry used to be very different. When I say different I mean the outlook of a fresh graduate. In my first year of BDS I was envious of my Intern seniors.

They were so full of life and confident in themselves and their skills.  Some of them did MDS & some started right away with clinic. From my Dental School 1st year till final year in 2009 I saw those seniors grow and speeding to professional success like a racing car on Nitrous Oxide.

When I passed in 2009 , we the new graduates were not as upbeat like our seniors. We were all somewhat depressed though it was not very apparent. Now in 2014 when I have completed my Post Graduation and working, I realise why the young dental graduates are under a constant pressure.

The main reason of pressure and depression of New Dental Graduates can be attributed to 


Yes, these silly comparisons have become a major stress points for all the new graduates. In this post we will see the TOP 7 most slily comparisons that dental students do and make their life miserable and stressful.

After reading this post stop these absurd comparisons and start working towards your success ! Comparison will never lead you to any where. It will just make you feel inferior and block your mind from working towards success in your own field. Its better to leave dentistry than to constantly be under pressure by unnecessary comparisons.

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Comparison with the

Engineering Friends / Cousins

Yes, accept or not its one of the most common comparisons that dental students or their relatives make.

He finished his engineering and right after that he got a job & earning Rs 30,000 per month ! Really, Lucky ! “

” I am still struggling in some clinic after BDS with 2000 per month.”

“How many years I will need to slog”

” If I had Rs 30,000 then I can also enjoy like him/her”

This kind of comparisons are the most common and absurd. Every professional course has its share of pros & cons and time versus benefits ! Engineering and dentistry are two completely different fields and comparing them is like comparing mango & oranges !

As a dental student you need to understand that getting placement in campus is a part of  the engineering curriculum and you doing this unnecessary comparison only hurts your peace and puts you in stress.

Rather as a dentists you should understand that its the nature of your studies and accept the fact that you will also start earning though after some time. In dentistry also people are making good amount of money after some time. So you need to  wait for that time and in the mean time improve your skills.

That will fetch you much more money in the coming future !

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Another Unrealistic Comparison

Comparison With Your Seniors –

Another Unrealistic Comparison

This is something that should be motivating.

Success of seniors must motivate a fresh dental graduate and make him/her believe that dentistry is a field where one can make both name & money in some time.

But some freshers completely take it in a different way ! Instead of feeling motivated and encouraged they start feeling the opposite. They just start the

” Comparison Syndrome “

Oh he/she has such a huge clinic ! So many patients ! MDS degree ! Staff in college ! Am nothing yet !!!!

That’s right ! You are nothing yet !!!

That’s the catch word – “YET “

You have just started your dental career and what do you expect – that overnight you will be a start dentist ! No my dear ! You have enough time ahead of you to work your best and achieve the success that your seniors have or more than that. They have also done the same. Once upon a time they were also fresh dental graduates. But they worked hard. Played the waiting game. Kept on building their skills and education.

When you see their success today and start the comparing syndrome ! Remember you also need to do the things that your seniors have done ! You can work harder and smarter to reach the goal faster !

So stop your comparison syndrome & start working towards your goal by feeling motivated from the success of your seniors !

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The Comparison with friends with a view

that they are rich so they will get success & you can’t




This is one more comparison syndrome that affects many dental students.

In every dental colleges there are some kids who come from rich family. That’s their pedigree.

Now, they never asked to be born in a rich family.

So. its really unwise when few dental students go in to comparison syndrome yet again ! So strong is the comparison syndrome that any success by the so called rich students is dismissed as fluke. And that’s a very unwise thing !

Bill gates .. He is the richest man in the world ! Was he the richest in the world during his college days ? No ! He was not even richest in his class ! But he created an empire of wealth. If he would have been busy in just complaining that how rich some of his college friends and how they have all the all facilities & comforts then he would never have created Microsoft ! If you start looking thorough there are many such stories.

Similarly, rather than worrying on such a thing that is none of your business or over which you have no control ; work on something that you can control, that is your life !

Plan you action and execute them rather than worrying about why your friend has a lot of money and facility. Improve your dental skills,  plan or arranging your investments build contacts – basically work on yourself rather than counting the money others have !

The time an dental surgeon wastes on this comparison syndrome – is the time lost on making money on your own. If at all you are still not able to control this syndrome then – use it to motivate yourself to work harder and smarter to achieve success.

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How The Relatives Make it tough for you by Constant Comparison



This is the most irritating scenario faced by a fresh dental graduate. While he/she is just finishing internship, his/her close school friends or cousins are already earning at least 20K to 30K in some IT firm. The new graduate is in a catch 55 situation.

In social events he/she sees his/her cousins and friends relaxing and oozing with confidence that regular money or salary provides. Then comes the really nasty aunties who start comparing their kids work-salaries and start Bombarding you with questions — When you opening your clinic ? Did you join any college ? How much colleges pay as salary ?

And the final and most irritating – You wont charge me any money beta … in your clinic ?

Your reaction on hearing so much bullshit … “Just shut up you Idiot ” ———>    Phew !!! Social functions become like interrogation sessions.

The Only Solution – DO NOT OVERREACT !

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For any new dental surgeon to succeed, first he/she must get out thus ” comparison syndrome “

You success is your success !

No body will hand it over to you !

Yes on your route to success many people will come in your life who will play significant role in your success.

You can take the help of such persons only when you are free from the ” Comparison Syndrome ”

All the best for your success !

We will see you next time with another motivating article that will improve your dental life ! You can read some more amazing stories on dentistry below

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