5 Ways to Get More Online Visibility for your Dental Practice

The Internet is a powerful tool and in this post, we will see 5 simple steps for dentists to increase their online presence. The steps are very simple to understand and use. So, read the article to get some valuable tips on using the internet exclusively for the dentists.

We are discussing the best 5 ways for dentists to create a good online presence of their dental practice. This article is by the team of Waverly dental.

3. Create Blog Articles

Keep in mind that people go online to find answers to their problems. Hence, it is important to create content and blogs utilizing those pieces of information and transform them into solutions.

Content Marketing for your Dental Website

Never undervalue the power of content marketing. Making the content relevant to your industry is also important!

Making the content relevant to your industry is also important!

Blogs also play a role in SEO and also in increasing the visibility of your dental website. Good contents are like evergreen investments for your dental practice website. Contents also play a role in E-mail marketing of your dental practice. We will be discussing that point further down in this article.

4. The Power of Social Media

Statistical reports show that as of March 2017, there are more than 3 billion Internet users worldwide – that’s half of the world’s population. This shows how the World Wide Web after Tim Berners-Lee launched it 25 years ago, has created an immense impact on humanity.

Being digitally connected is a part of everyday life and has influenced and is continuously changing the human race. That is why more and more businesses are seeing the potential of growing their businesses online.

Social Media for Dental Practice

One of the most powerful aspects of the Internet is the emergence of social media as a powerhouse of communications and connectivity. To name some of the major social media powerhouses – Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Linked in.

You can use these social media platforms to stay connected with your previous patients and also with new patients & clients. Presence in social media also plays a role in the enhanced SEO of your dental practice website. 

You can promote your dental practice via social media campaigns. Instead of paying hefty fees to traditional advertising, you can start promoting your business with low-budget social media campaigns. Your goal should be to leverage the power of word-of-mouth. Through social media, people love to share their experiences. If your services are good, your patients will most likely recommend you to their friends and families.

You can also create a referral program by encouraging them to “spread the good news” and refer you to their friends. You may opt to provide freebies. As you grow your network, your reputation will improve.

Points to note: Creating a consistent presence in social media is a gradual process for most of the professionals (unless you are a big celebrity or influencer). So, do not get obsessed with the number of followers in social media. It will grow gradually. You just need to keep concentrating on improving your website, adding good contents to it and also improving your dental clinic and skills.

Also, you need to use the social media wisely. Always use the social media to first inform your nearby locations about your dental practice. You can do so by creating paid ads in the social media. Almost all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. provide you the options create paid advertisement by which you can target your ads to appear in the social media feed of people in the geographical locations near your dental practice. You can read the article below where we have discussed some major points on using Facebook for the promotion of your dental practice.

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By using the Power of E-mails!