5 points before you plan for abroad medical education


This story starts the day you finish your dental graduation.

Yes I am Doc Now … Ready for success !

The immediate question in your mind is whats next ?

You are anxious, tensed and excited at the same time. You are excited because you have successfully completed your dental graduation. And you are tensed because you are not very sure which way your career will go from that day.

You have many plans and thoughts.

  1. Yes ! I will open a very good POSH clinic and give my heart and soul to clinical practice career and earn a lot !
  2. But ! What about higher education ? Shouldn’t I do Post Graduation ?
  3. I heard in USA, Dubai and Europe dentists earn in millions !
  4. Should I try for a career in Abroad ?
  5. Preparing for Govt. Entrance Exams (for a govt. sponsored seat might take years) …
  6. Or shall I Just take the easy and costly route of  private college seats !

But don’t rush in to decisions. That might end up in a spot of problem.

That’s why in this post we will discuss some very commonly neglected points.


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POINT 1. What are the cost of your plans &

Can you maintain that cost ?

You have big plans & dreams of going and settling abroad as a dental surgeon.

Well that’s a great plan !

Dentists in USA, Canada & European countries are among the richest bracket of people in World.

Good for you !

And I sincerely hope that you have the money for that.

Just check out the costs (in USD) –

As per here is a list of expenditure in dental course for graduates

Dental school costs are based on whether the university is public or private and if the student is a resident or from out of state. Students will earn either a DDM (Doctor of Dental Medicine) or DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery). The first two years of the four-year dental program are spent in the classroom while the second half is spent in clinical study.

Foreign students end up paying close to or

more than 50,000 USD per year of education.

That’s a hefty amount and you can convert it to your own currency and do the math.

There are also many additional expenditures once you move to a new country.

So are you up for it ?

A new developed country gives a lot of opportunities, but to utilise those opportunities one needs to sail through the initial tides. Bank loans are a option but there are a lot of formalities for it and unless you plan properly you will end up with a huge debt after finishing your study. Native students in the developed countries are going through the same problem. As per a poll by many of the graduates are under huge debts while finishing education

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Now for Dental Students not from Developed Countries, its the similar fact. Before spending out millions in a private MDS seat or Abroad Dental Education, just check out that is it possible for you to sustain the course expenditure and beyond.

Well then its time to check the reality of your bank balance and decide.

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What After The Education In Complete ?

Point 2. What After The Education Is Complete ?

When you are planning for your higher education just don’t only think about how to get through your education. Know that there is a professional life that you need to maintain after the course also. And if you are in a load of debts after passing … that’s a very tough start for your professional career. A poll by showed that all over the world in developed countries too, dental students are under a lot of debt at the end of their graduation.

There was a time when things were easy, but not any more. Whether you do your higher dental education abroad or in your native country  it has become extremely demanding financially.

After all the expenses on education there is again the expense on establishing a clinic or professional set up.

Are you covered for that ?

If not then how are you planning to take loans in your respective countries with minimum possible interest. So lots to think about.

That’s why, when you are planning for your higher education in your country or abroad always keep a track about what are your plans after the course and the finance for that ?

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Its a New Country With its own culture . Are you up to it ?


Point.3 Its a New Country With its own culture . Are you up to it ?

When you go to a new country it comes with its own set of rules & way of life.

Something that is natural and OK for you in your own country might suddenly be out of place in a new country. Are you up for it and in a sporting way ?

The doctor patient culture in western countries is also very different than what any of you are used to. You can just Google and see that in USA, in last 5 years patients have sued their dentists for over 5 million dollars. Even a slight negligence on the part of a dentist can be liable for a litigation by the patient. For any dentist coming from other country, this might be a shock.

This is not some thing that is impossible to learn. But one needs to have that much inner strength to wade through the culture change and accept it with all open heart.

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Have you got the Power to play ” The Waiting Game !!! “

Point . 4. Have you got the Power to play ” The Waiting Game !!! “

  1. Moving out of your own country is not straight forward. It involves a lot of formalities.
  2. You need to get all the certificates in order.
  3. You need to get all the clearance. You need to finish the visa formalities.
  4. You need to arrange the adequate funds and show the proof to the authorities.
  5. It’s a long tedious process. In between all these processes you need to prepare for the qualifying exams (like NBDE etc.).
  6. Then you need to clear the exams and apply to all the colleges with your qualifying marks with the hope that you might be selected among other applicants.
  7. After clearing all the above formalities you will have to study the additional years in the new country to complete the dental degree approved there and mind it that the universities are very picky about choosing the foreign students.
  8. And then if needed you might have to give exam for the license to practice dentistry professionally (that might be yearly.)

PHEW !!!! That sounded like a LOOOOONG story !!!

And you need the patience to complete it.

Your Road to Success as a Dentist in Foreign Countries

Welcome to USA, European Countries, Dubai, Canada

Welcome to USA, European Countries, Dubai, Canada As A Dentist

Now you know what are the things that you need to be aware of before you plan you abroad career in Dentistry. Its time for you to know all the relevant details to work as a Dentist in Various Countries.


Of all the foreign destinations that a BDS/MDS graduate can look forward to settle as a Dentist , CANADA is perhaps the most popular one right now . The reason for this can be many but the 2 main causes can be : The well balanced & developed society of Canada .


DR. ROLI RAJVANSHI B.D.S (Manipal University) Pursuing DDS at HERMAN OSTROW SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Hi to all the docs . Your friendly Dr.Deb is back with a new article .This article is written by By DR. ROLI RAJVANSI.


The UAE is a federation of seven emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Qaiwain. Political power is concentrated in Abu Dhabi, which controls the vast majority of the UAE’s economic and resource wealth. The two largest emirates – Abu Dhabi and Dubai – provide over 80% of the UAE’s income.


But before venturing in to any such journey a clear cut & definite idea about all the rules , regulations and finances is very necessary . If one enters such a venture without proper planning & resources , it can cause lot of tensions .

We end this article with the hope that you have benefited from the information. All the best for yur abroad dreams.

Disclaimer : The article is written based on the past experiences of students who have tried for a dental career in western countries. This article is just meant to provide you with initial information. Please keep in mind that rules to work as dentist in different countries keep changing from time to time.But before you make any decision always refer for the latest regulation in the embassy of the country you are trying for in your own country. Never pay any money to any third party claiming to make the process simpler for you. Always take any decision after consulting the latest & officialauthorised bodies.