Top 25 Features Of Dental Practice Management Software

We are discussing the top 35 features for any dental practice management software

Connectivity & Backup Features of Dental Practice Management Software

15) Ease of Use: Every software provides a free trial period. In that period seriously assess how easy it is to use the software? The easier it is for you to manage, the better results you will get in the long run.

16) Legal Compliance: Make sure that the software you are purchasing is compliant with the privacy laws of your region.

17) Custom Report Generator: The dental practice management software should have a custom report generator to generate software as per requirement.

dental practice management software

18) Regular Backups: The software must have the feature to take regular backups of all your data. The data backups can be stored in your local storage or in the cloud backup services like Google Drive or Box Cloud.

19) Accessibility on Mobile Devices: 90% of online activities are taking place on mobile devices or apps. So ask the dental software management company – if they are providing a working mobile app version of their software. This will enable you to access the patient reports even when you are not in the dental office.

20) Cloud Based Dental Practice Management Software: Ask your software supplier if there is a cloud version of their software. In cloud version, you do not need to install any software on your devices. You just need a good internet connection.

Hardware Requirements for Dental Practice Management Software

dental practice management software

21) Operating Systems

Before you purchase any dental practice management software check properly about the operating systems that are compatible with the software. 3 major computer operating systems are available currently in the market – Windows, Mac & Linux. Most of the dental practice management software work on windows. If you have Apple Mac systems in your practice then purchase the version that is compatible with Mac OS.

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Dental Practice Management Software

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