Top 25 Features Of Dental Practice Management Software

25 must have features of dental practice management software. Use these points as a checklist before deciding to purchase any dental practice management software.

We are discussing the top 35 features for any dental practice management software

Clinical Features of

Dental Practice Management Software

dental practice management software

7) Patient Charts: Every dental practice management software must have the system to create, maintain & view patient charts which can give the basic overview of the treatment modules.

8) Periodontal Charts: There must be a complete periodontal chart for the pictorial assessment of teeth and the surrounding periodontium.

10) Treatment Planning: Module to maintain complete records of future treatment planning, strategies, medical history, drug history & other relevant details. It is very essential.

11) Prescription Writing/Drug History: A prescription writer allows you to track and record patient prescriptions. Some applications will also allow you to create and send prescriptions to be filled for patients. This is again very essential for not only records but medico-legal reasons.

12) Medical History Records: There must be a module to maintain in detail the past medical or dental histories of the patients.

14) Patient Consent Form: All dental practice management software must provide an editable patient consent form that can be modified as per the treatment. The patient consent form must be printable or be able to record the electronic signature of the patients. This is again very essential for medico-legal purposes.

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