20 Steps to USA as a Dentist - NBDE & DDS - By a Doctor who have done it herself.

STEP 2 :

USA has GPA system and not percentage. So, you need to get your BDS marks converted into GPA. Information for this process can be found on-


Apply for DENTPIN through

STEP – 4

Then book a date for your NBDE Part-1 exam through

STEP – 5

Then take date for Visitor visa interview at the embassy near you. You need to take exam date before visa interview so that you can show them a proof that you are going for exam and would be back after that.

STEP – 6

Prepared for 15 days for TOEFL and took the exam.
Books for Toefl- Kaplans and/or Barrons and/or Princeton
Website for registering for TOEFL

STEP – 7

Continued my preparation for NBDE post-TOEFL exam.

STEP – 8

Went to USA to take my exam 1 week before my scheduled date for NBDE part 1

STEP – 9

The exam D-day came, those grilling 8 hours got over!!! And after that I was in no state to evaluate how the exam went …so then the eternal wait began the wait for the RESULT. It took 5 weeks for my result. By God’s grace, I cleared the exam with good score.

Exam Day In Author’s Own Words

I had an egg sandwich and took an orange juice near my friend’s apartment,  I was really tensed but

was keeping myself cool !!  

Before hand i took two big snickers for my lunch 🙂
My friend told me that I am gonna do well, I felt relaxed and my friend left me near the Prometric centre.

When I entered there was a guy who told hi and received me asking for my identification. Then I gave my passport and a Govt. Id card but there was no sign on that so he asked me other so i gave my pan card. Then he let me go in and I was relaxed.

Second entrance I found one lady she was checkin documents and took my biometrics (finger scanning) then she told me I got one break for 1 hr and can take breaks between exam too but the time won’t be stopping for us. So I decided to take only one scheduled break.

Final stage I was into a room with computers. I did not find anyone there. I was all alone ! I was like, the whole of my one year studying they gonna decide on this day ! It was a mixed feeling. 

 I kept myself cool and answered whatever I knew and just guessed if i didn’t know the answer and kept my time proper for the rest of the exam…
I calculated my time and solved the questions according to that.

3.5 hrs 200 questions – 1 min 1 quest … for each hour u can check whether you are slow or not.

So that u can cope up if want. I was on time but I didn’t knew many questions.

Got a break I was relaxing !! I was watching people coming at different timings, I guess some GRE takers.

It was now time to make myself ready for the 2nd half of the exam.

Started with my other half….

same 3.5 hrs 200 questions
This time I found i knew some answers 🙂

I finished the exams and was very relieved. 

Now it was the wait to  for the results.

And when the results came, I had passed. 

Time to Party !!!!!


STEP – 10

Some schools like NYU and Columbia are now asking for DAT exam and NBDE part 2.

Since I didn’t take these exams, so I can’t advice on them. But details on both can be found on-

STEP – 11

Then begins the never ending process of CAAPID applications.

Decide which Universities you plan to apply to, that is your own decision depending on your priorities. All the details needed on the documents required by each University and the CAAPID application and also deadlines for each can be found on –

STEP – 12 

Then start working on drafting your resume and ‘statement of purpose’. Also get Recommendation letters from Dean of your University where you did BDS and also from some of your professors. Another Recommendation letter is needed from your current employer.

Once you are done with your documents, fill the CAAPID online application and send the required documents to each University you are applying to. You also need multiple sealed copies of your TOEFL,ECE and NBDE reports to send to Universities, so order for them.

STEP – 14

Once you have sent out all your applications, another cycle of prayers and wait begins. Wait to get INTERVIEW calls from Universities, which generally starts in September.

Once you get the call for Interview, prepare for your Bench exam and Interview. Bench exam varies from school to school. Generally it consists of preparation of Class 1, Class 2 cavities and Crown preparations like PFM.

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