10 quick solutions to Tooth Ache (Before you reach the dentist)

If you haven't had tooth pain till today ask any one who has experienced it . They all will say tooth ache is one of the most most unpleasant and uncomfortable situation they ever faced. Usually we neglect early signs of sensitivity in the tooth. At this stage pain in minimal without much decay . But more often most of the people tend to neglect this early indication and ultimately end up with a severe tooth pain.

If you haven’t had tooth pain till today then ask any one who  has experienced it . Without any doubt they all will say tooth ache is one of the most unpleasant and uncomfortable  situation they ever faced.

Its just Ohhh , Ahhhh , Ouch !!! And its not pleasurable : ) But by some chance its late in night & the next possible visit to dentist is tomorrow morning 9 am .

So what should you do now.

Don’t worry !!!! You can always keep yourself  ready with few easy remedies before you visit the dentist.

The first fault lies with YOU.

We Usually  neglect early signs of sensitivity in the tooth. At this stage pain is minimal without much decay . The decay is in the superficial layer of the teeth. But more often most of the people tend to neglect this early  indication and  ultimately end up with a severe tooth pain.

It is always advisable to go to the dentist for the management. But in case immediate appointment is not possible then few home available remedies can be used to alleviate the pain .

1. Always keep a pain killer medicine available. 

Just go down to that pharmacy shop near your house . Be Ready : ) 

In order to reduce painful inflammation, take pain relievers such as Aspirin, Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. The said tablets are considered very good in treating toothaches. Just be sure to read the instructions printed on the bottle before taking any of these medicines. But most of the normal pain killers doesn’t produce much side effect.

2. Apply garlic and salt.

Well garlic can be used on tooth pain & also onVampires : ) 

Allicin, garlic’s antibacterial compound, coupled with a pinch of rock salt are said to be very helpful in stopping bacteria which causes toothache. Mash the two agents together and apply to the site of the toothache. Salt being a natural dehydrating agent kills the microorganisms by reverse osmosis.

3. Rinse with antibacterial mouthwashes

Any regular Chlorhexidine mouth wash thats there in your house.

Other than brushing the teeth for 2 times a day , 2 times daily use of antibacterial mouth wash is of great use that reduces the microorganisms and helps in reducing or controlling the pain .

4.Get the garlic going

Once again garlic is not bad for vampires only but for tooth pain also : ) 

Though a little bit out of the ordinary, try chewing a clove of garlic. Best to do this every morning. However, try not to overdo with the garlic-chewing. Unless of course bad breath appeals to you.

5.Apply cold compress

You don’t have to be handy with landau scrubs to get this one right. Simply apply the cold compress to the side of the cheek and you’re all set.

6. Numbing with a desensitizing agent

While this particular remedy will not entirely eliminate a toothache, it is regarded as a temporary relief as the tooth-desensitizing agent can numb a particularly painful area for a certain period of time. Application of topical anasthetics is also sometimes advocated.

7.Rinse with water

In order to avoid aggravating your toothache even more, try to remove any food debris by rinsing our mouth with water. Naturally, brushing one’s teeth will speed up the process of dislodging any foreign object that can cause further stress to your teeth. Lodged food particles decay and are the main cause of pain.

8.Wax is the way to go

Wax also can also be some times useful.Applying wax to the affected tooth can reduce sensitivity. Gauze is a good alternative to wax. However, remember that this remedy is not a cure, but merely a way to reduce painful irritation. Other than wax desensitizing pastes can also be applied .

9. Keeping head still.

Most of the tooth decay pain are aggravated during lying down because of change in posture  that causes fluid flow in dentin tubules.So keeping the head straight without much movement will result in the reduction of the pain. Follow this simple principle & you will reduce a lot of pain.

10. Rush to the dentist

All the above ways are just temporary relieve methods. Without any delay visit to the nearest dentist for treatment.