10 Reasons why you should do MDS and what it teaches you ?


11 Things that MDS teaches You

(Some Happy, Some Sad, Some Hilarious & Some Stupid)

The Top 11 Points

MDS (Masters in Dental Surgery) is the dream every dental student.

Benefits of MDS :

Its a higher degree and brings academic respect.

There are obvious chances to have an academic career along with clinical practice.

Its a sign of career growth.

But if you thought MDS life is Easy & Glamorous, then my friend , You are Wrong and You are in for a big surprise.

Once you get in to MDS …

For the next 3 years you are like a soldier on a Mission !

If you are doing MDS /completed MDS then you will completely understand these points.

If you are still a graduate, aiming for MDS, you will now know some of the Hidden Truths of MDS life.

So, Read on and lets find the

TOP 10 Amazing Truths About

The Life of An MDS Student

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Are you ready ?

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10.In MDS You Learn To

Operate 3 critical machines

Yes, MDS teaches you a lot many things. Depending on your Masters specialty you learn how to operate various instruments and devices.

But all the Post Graduates from all specialties learn to operate 3 devices perfectly



Xerox Machine

MDS life is full of reading reading journals and articles.

You will come across a giant called PUBMED

You will spend hours at Pubmed searching for the articles. You will save them, Print them, Scan them and Xerox them.

By the time you reach the end of Post Graduation you would have become the Master Ninja in Scanner, Printer & Xerox !

See Next Point 9 – You will be a Ninja

in Word & Powerpoint

9. Two Best Tools You will learn to Use

Word & Power Point

Post graduation is not complete without presenting 15 seminars + 15 Journal Clubs + Thesis

And to complete all these you will become a pro in three software

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excell

Microsoft Powerpoint

So be ready to spend many nights with the beautiful Microsoft Powerpoint

You may not love it … but you will learn it 😀

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The Best Short Cuts That MDS will teach you

8.The Best Short Cuts

That MDS will teach you

If you feel once you join MDS, you can enjoy … then you are Wrong !!!

Post-graduation involves thousands of words to read, write & type.

And its impossible to just do it on your own.

So you learn two most important skills –


These two tricks are 60 % responsible for the completion of PG syllabus.

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Three words max used words in your MDS life !

Better get used to it

7 . Three words that you will learn to use 5000 times per day

There is a saying that – You don’t get an MDS degree, Its Given To you

Its very very true !

Its doesn’t really matter if you are a good, bad or best student.

It matters if you have mastered how to use the 3 lines –

Yes Sir !

Ok Sir !

You are right Sir !

I’ll just do that Sir !

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How MDS life teaches you to Fight for Yourself

6. MDS life teaches you to

Fight for Yourself

Post-graduation is tough in every sense. There is emotional as well as physical pressure. There is always something to complete, something to write, some cases to do and some exam to give. On top of that if you are not able to complete the tasks, be ready to get royally scolded by some of the staffs !

” You Idiot … You not fit for MDS “

There will be days when, there will be so much work load that you will just feel like packing your bags & going home for good.

But MDS life teaches you to find that inner strength within you to work as hard as you can. You will learn to –

Wake Up Early !

Sleep Late !

Continue to Work !

I Will Keep Fighting !!!

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MDS will Teach you to Love it

5.MDS will Teach you to Love Mondays

Fight for next 5 days & Wait for Sunday

No one loves Monday, especially the students.

It marks the beginning of a long week till Saturday full of seminars, cases, assignments & angry staffs.

In MDS life Monday starts with Seminar !

And to prepare for that seminar your Friday, Saturday & Sunday gets screwed !

But you have no option ! You will learn to love Monday 😀

” Every Week My Friday, Saturday & Sunday Is Getting Screwed. I Am Forced To Love Monday. “

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MDS teaches you to give reason

to family & friends

Why you are not able to give them time

4. MDS will teach you how to explain your friends &

family that you are really too busy !

Make no mistake and know that

MDS is mountain to climb and you must climb every day so that you can reach the top.

And that will leave you with no time. Whole week you will be working on various things, weekends will go in preparing for the next week. You are after all doing Post Graduation and that demands time !

In all this tensions you will gradually stop interacting with your family as frequently as you used to to.

Of course you will miss your family and friends but the busy schedule will leave you no time for any one else.

You will learn to give reasons to your family and friends for not

Making Calls !

Sending messages !

Some time forgetting their B days or Anniversary !

You are now learning how to balance a busy professional life and personal life.

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You will learn to celebrate many festivals

away from home but with friends !

3.You Will Learn to Make Friends

and Celebrate all Your Big Days With Your Friends

While doing post-graduation you might need to stay away from your family and relatives. You will be away for a long period. Initially you will miss your family a lot. You will just feel like leaving all and going back to your family.

But soon you will learn to make friends. Friends with whom you will share and celebrate all your joys and happiness for the next three years.

Your B day , you will celebrate with your friends !

You get scolded by professor, you will swear you professor in front of your friends !

You lover ditches you , you will cry in front of your friends !

Exam comes you will study with your friends.

All festivals Idd, Christmas and Holi … You will celebrate with your friends !

And You will make these friends for life.

So you see …

MDS gives you one of the great gifts of life

– Friends for life !

and it teaches you to celebrate your big days away from your own family.

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2.MDS will Teach you, your Self Worth !

When you are just over with BDS , you are confused and not sure about your place in society. But the 3 years of MDS will teach you a lot about life and with that experience you will realize your own worth !

That’s called Self Realization

You will be man from a boy .

The day you clear MDS you will know that :

You Sustained !

You Tolerated !

You Worked your Ass Off !

You were smart !


You Survived !

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Now You Are Ready To Face The World

1. You Are Ready To Face The World

In 2015 modern day competitive society nothing come easy.

If you think just because you are MDS, world will fall under your feet.

Then it’s wrong ! If fact you might be a king, still world won’t fall under your feet in 2015.

But completing MDS – is just not completing a course 

it’s learning a way of life that will lead to success in the correct time.

It teaches you patience !

It teaches you to be humble !

It makes you realize how less you know till now and how much more you need to know !

It makes you confident and brave that if you could get in to post graduation and

survive then you have enough matter in you to succeed in life too !